Audi Q5 Reverse Camera Not Working [How to Fix]

If you’re looking for tips to fix your Audi Q5 reverse camera, this post is for you.

First off, let’s look at common causes of reverse camera issues in your Audi Q5.

Audi Q5 Backup Camera

Causes of Audi Q5 Reverse Camera Issues

Your Audi Q5 reverse camera may not be working properly because of the following:

  • You have deactivated the camera
  • Your MMI has excess junk data
  • The camera’s fuse is blown
  • The camera’s wiring is faulty
  • The camera is dead.

Read on to learn how to solve these problems.

How to Fix Audi Q5 Reverse Camera Problems

Reactivate Your Reverse Camera

Your reverse camera may stop working even when there is nothing wrong with the system. This can occur when you deactivate the camera.

Unlike other cars, it’s easy to deactivate the reverse camera in an Audi Q5. All it takes is to press the Navigation, Phone, Media, or Radio button at the wrong time. And voila! You have a deactivated reverse camera.

Fortunately, it’s just as easy to reactivate the camera.

Follow these steps to reactivate the reverse camera in your Audi Q5 car:

  • Shift your gear into Reverse. Then shift it back to Drive immediately.
  • Shift the gear to Reverse again.

Your camera should display the images in your rearview now. However, if the camera fails to work after reactivating it, move on to the next tip.

Reset Your MMI

Sometimes, your Audi Q5 reverse camera may stop working because your MMI (MultiMedia Interface) contains a lot of junk data. Excess junk data can expose your reverse camera to bugs, causing it to malfunction.

To fix this problem, you’ll need to reset your MMI. The reset will remove the junk data from the system.

Follow these steps to reset your MMII:

  • Press and hold the Setup button with your left index finger.
  • While still holding the Setup button, use the fingers on your right hand to press and hold the button above and to the right of the control knob.
  • Press and hold these three buttons until the MMI goes off and restarts.

The system will start resetting when it turns back on.

Your reverse camera will start working normally after the reset. But if it doesn’t, try the next tip.

Update Your MMI software

If your Audi Q5 reverse camera isn’t working, your MMI software might be outdated. Driving your car with outdated MMI software can prevent the camera and other devices in your infotainment system from functioning properly.

Updating your MMI software will fix this issue.

Please note that you can’t update your MMI software yourself. Only certified Audi dealerships have the license to install software updates on your Audi Q5 MMI.

If you suspect that your MMI software is outdated, take your car to your dealer and request an update.

Change the Camera’s Fuse

One common reason the backup camera in an Audi Q5 stops working is a blown fuse. When the camera’s fuse gets blown, it may go blank or show a black screen. A blown fuse can also make the images on the camera look blurry.

You’ll need to replace the blown fuse to resolve this problem.

Follow these steps to change your Audi Q5 reverse camera’s fuse:

  • Search for your fuse box. The fuse box in an Audi Q5 is usually located behind the panel in the trunk.
  • Check if the camera’s fuse is blown. The reverse camera’s fuse is labeled #E6.
  • If you find any burned fuses, replace them with identical fuses.

If your reverse camera stays blank, and shows a black screen or blurry images after changing the blown fuses in the fuse box, move on to the next tip.

Fix Faulty Wiring in the Camera

If none of the tips above fixes your reverse camera, the wiring might be faulty.

If you aren’t an auto mechanic, don’t try to fix the wires yourself. Or else you might damage the camera.

Instead, get an expert to examine your camera’s wires, determine what’s wrong with them, and repair the faulty parts.

After you’ve fixed the wires, check if your reverse camera is working. If it isn’t, continue to the next step.

Replace the Camera

If your reverse camera is still acting up after you’ve applied all these tips, consider changing your camera.

You need a putty knife, a Phillips-head screwdriver, a ratchet, an 8mm socket, and an old piece of wire.

Take these steps to change the reverse camera in your Audi Q5:

  • First, you need to remove the entire glove box.
  • Disconnect your negative battery terminals from the car to avoid an electrical shock.
  • Use a putty knife to remove the side panel on the passenger side dashboard.
  • You’ll see some 8mm bolts holding down the glove box.
  • Link your 8mm socket to a ratchet and use these tools to unscrew the 8mm bolts.
  • Make sure to remove the five bolts at the top, the two bolts at the bottom, and one bolt inside the glove box.
  • Pull out your AMI (Audi Music Interface) from the glovebox with your old piece of steel wire.
  • Next, you need to detach the factory screen from the car.
  • Use your putty knife to remove the plastic trim around the factory screen.
  • Unscrew the four bolts connecting the factory screen to your dashboard.
  • This should reveal the reverse camera.
  • Disconnect the wires that attach the camera to the factory screen.
  • Take out your new backup camera and connect it to the factory screen. Then fix the bolts back onto the factory screen.
  • Replace the plastic trim on the factory screen, your AMI, and the 8mm bolts on the glove box.
  • Place the side panel back onto the passenger side dashboard to close the glove box.

Your backup camera will resume working properly after this.

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Wrapping Up

Once you apply these tips, you’ll be able to see the rear view images on your reverse camera. Ensure to follow all the steps listed under each tip to prevent the issue from occurring in the future.