Cadillac Escalade Air Suspension Problems [3 Common Issues]

Are you suspecting a possible air suspension problem with your Cadillac Escalade? This post is for you.

Cadillac Escalade

In this post, we’ll look at the common problems with the Cadillac Escalade air suspension and how to go about them. Let’s dive in.

Cadillac Escalade Air Suspension Problems

1. Your Ride is No Longer Smooth

One of the biggest boasts of the Cadillac is its smooth rides, and this is largely because of good air suspension, but when the ride becomes rough, there could be a problem with the shock absorbers, springs, or airbags in the suspension system.

The movement of your car should not be bouncy or should not frequently jerk. And that’s because the function of your air suspension is to absorb all the energy from the road and not make you feel the impact as much; once you can feel the impact of every bump or turn more than you would have, it is a sign that your suspension needs to be checked.

If you have driven your Cadillac for a long time, these parts can wear out, and sometimes they can fall out of place because of accidents or careless driving.

The Cadillac weighs heavier than regular vehicles, meaning that the suspensions would have to bear more weight, so driving carelessly can easily damage the suspensions. The Electronic Suspension Control module of your vehicle can also malfunction.

Your vehicle’s air suspension is automatically controlled; if this system is faulty, it means the system will not function properly. When you begin to notice this difference when driving your Cadillac, you need to contact your mechanic to have your air suspension checked and fixed.

2. Your Car is Unbalanced

When you brake, how does your car react? Does it roll? When you accelerate, how does your car react? Does it squat or lean to the side? These are early warning signs that your air suspension is faulty.

These issues happen when shock absorbers or other suspension parts are faulty. Since the suspension has many parts working as a unit, if one part is faulty, it would put pressure on other parts and cause strain.

For the Cadillac, the suspension airbags help to bear the vehicle’s weight and keep the vehicle level. However, if they leak or are faulty, they cannot function properly, and the car will tilt to one side.

Typically, the vehicle airbag can last a while until it encounters problems due to careless driving or technical malfunction. However, the airbag in the suspension is that part that can develop faults at any time and require servicing.

Once you notice your car has tilted to one side, contact your mechanic as quickly as possible. The problem with managing the situation is that the damaged airbags can lead to other parts of the suspension being damaged.

3. The Compressors Do Not Turn Off or Come on

The compressor is one of the important parts of the air suspension and is also one of the most susceptible to damage. The wearing out of the compressor can happen when the compressor is overworked and running beyond capacity.

The compressor is also automated, and when this automation stops functioning, the compressor either turns off and refuses to respond to pressure, or it keeps on working even when it should not.

The air compressor pumps air into the airbag to balance the vehicle, so when you notice that your vehicle is sitting lower than usual, you may need to check your compressor.

The compressor should notice when the suspension is sitting low, pump air to the air springs and lift the car to its proper position. If it’s faulty, it won’t be able to do that, or it may be slow to respond.

Air springs are an important part of the air suspension system in a Cadillac. The job of air springs is to ensure that the vehicle stays upright at the right height, no matter the load. They are made up of rubber or plastic airbags that mimic the action of a spring due to air compression and expansion.

This means they can crack or leak, and the compressor would always try to balance out the pressure being lost.

This means your compressor may run more than normal, the ride would be less comfortable, and the vehicle could bend to one side (depending on where the air spring is faulty). Once you notice this, you should take your car to the nearest mechanic to fix it.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Cadillac Escalade Air Suspension Problems?

The price varies depending on the faulty suspension part and its location. For instance, if you are going to change or repair the airbag, it would cost about $1106, including labor.

On the other hand, if you want to replace the shock on your Cadillac Escalade, according to Repairpal, it costs you between $997 and $1,400, and you’d pay about $153 to $193 for labor. Some parts of the suspension range from $844-$1,207.

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Wrapping Up

Once you notice that your Cadillac Escalade is functioning abnormally, you should call your mechanic because the more you wait, the more the damage can get worse and affect other parts of the vehicle.

The signs discussed above are important early signs to look out for that indicate your air suspension needs repairs.