Cadillac SRX Backup Camera Not Working [How to Fix]

Driving your Cadillac SRX without a backup camera can feel like a chore. When reversing, you have to check side mirrors frequently to avoid hitting any poles. Worse — you might get into an accident because you won’t notice reckless drivers coming behind you.

If you want to drive smoothly and stay safe while riding in your vehicle, you need to fix your bad backup camera immediately.

Cadillac SRX Backup Camera

I’ve written this article to help you repair your backup camera easily. You’ll learn why your camera isn’t working and how to fix it.

Why Would My Cadillac SRX Backup Camera Just Stop Working?

Your Cadillac SRX backup camera might stop working because of a functional error, or a broken lens. Other issues that can prevent the backup camera from working are a blown fuse, a faulty reverse switch, rusty wires, and a damaged system.

Keep reading to learn how to fix these issues.

How to Fix Cadillac SRX Backup Camera Issues

Reset Your Vehicle’s Computer

When your Cadillac SRX backup camera stops working, it’s easy to assume that the camera is dead. However, your backup camera might just be facing a minor issue, like a functional error.

Fixing this error is a piece of cake. All you have to do is to reset your vehicle’s computer.

Here’s how to reset the computer in your Cadillac SRX:

  • Detach the negative cable on your battery.
  • Disconnect the positive cable too.
  • Now, touch the ends of both cables to each other for about 60 seconds.
  • You have reset the computer.

Now, shift your gear to Reverse and check if your backup camera is displaying your rear-view image. If the camera is still showing a blank screen, or working intermittently, continue to the next tip.

Clean the Camera’s Lens

Does the image on your  Cadillac SRX backup camera look blurry when the camera turns on? If so, it could mean that the camera’s lens is dirty.

You’ll need to clean your camera’s lens to resolve this problem. To do this, remove your backup camera from the car. Then, wipe the lens with a microfiber cloth.

If you find any foreign object around the backup camera, remove it immediately. This will prevent the item from blocking the camera’s screen in the future.

Once you clean your camera’s lens, you should be able to see the images on the screen properly.

Replace Your Camera’s Lens

If the image on your backup camera remains blurry after you’ve cleaned the camera’s lens, the lens might be broken.

The only way to fix this issue is to change your lens. Replacing the lens on your backup camera costs between $50 and $100.

Take the following steps to replace the lens in your Cadillac SRX backup camera:

  • Locate your backup camera on your liftgate panel.
  • Remove the bolts holding the camera to the panel.
  • Pull out the camera.
  • Carefully rotate the lens on the camera until it comes loose.
  • Screw in the new lens.
  • Avoid getting any moisture in your camera’s lens while replacing it.
  • When the lens feels tight on the camera, stop rotating.
  • Put the camera back into its housing.
  • Re-attach the bolts on the camera.
  • Finally, replace your liftgate panel.

After replacing your camera’s lens, turn on your engine and switch to the Reverse gear. If your backup camera doesn’t work, check out the next tip.

Change Your Backup Camera’s Fuse

A blown fuse is one of the common reasons why your Cadillac SRX backup camera might stop working.

Your backup camera’s fuse regulates the power and signals that the camera receives. Without this fuse, your camera might not get enough power. As a result, the device won’t work.

Search for your backup camera’s fuse. The backup camera fuse in a Cadillac SRX is usually located in the fuse panel underneath the steering wheel. Check the fuse diagram in your owner’s manual to determine the exact location of the fuse.

Once you find the fuse, you’ll need to test it. You can test the fuse by swapping it a fuse that has a similar color and amp rating.

Since the backup camera’s fuse is 10amp, find another 10-amp fuse. Then, remove the other fuse from its block and insert your camera’s fuse there. If your backup camera’s fuse doesn’t work while plugged into the new fuse block, the fuse is bad. As such, you’ll need to change it.

Replace your backup camera fuse with a 10-amp fuse of the same color.

However, if the camera’s fuse works in the other fuse, the issue is from another part of the camera. In that case, move on to the next step.

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Check and Splice Rusty Wires

Water might leak into your car and corrode your backup camera’s wires. If your backup camera’s wires are rusty, the camera won’t get power. This might cause the camera to stop working.

Go to the back of your car and check if your camera’s wires are rusty. If you notice any signs of rust on the wires, you’ll have to splice them with new wires.

The tools you need for the wire splice are a needle nose plier, a wire stripper, soldering iron, and electrical tape.

Follow these steps to splice your Cadillac SRX backup camera’s wires:

  • Disconnect your backup camera’s connector from the liftgate connector.
  • Use a needle nose plier to cut off the camera’s connector from its wires.
  • Get a new connector.
  • Remove some of the insulation on your camera’s and connector’s wires with a wire stripper.
  • Do this until both sides have enough exposed wire.
  • Now fan the exposed wires out and twist them together.
  • After twisting these wires, heat your soldering iron.
  • Then, put the soldering iron at the bottom of the twisted joint.
  • Place the solder over the joint.
  • Feed the solder on the twisted wires until the solder has melted over every area of the joint.
  • Now, remove the solder and wait for the wires to cool down.
  • Wrap the joint in electrical tape.

Check if your backup camera is working now. If it is still dead, try the next tip.

Fix Your Reverse Switch

Another reason why your Cadillac SRX backup camera might not work is a faulty reverse switch.

When you shift your gear to Reverse, it triggers the reverse switch. This switch then sends a signal to your backup camera, causing it to turn on.

If your reverse switch is faulty, your backup camera won’t be able to tell that you’ve shifted to the Reverse gear. So, it will stay off.

To fix this issue, you’ll need to repair your reverse switch. But first, you may want to confirm that the switch is faulty to avoid wasting time on an unnecessary repair.

Stand behind your car. Then, ask a friend to switch your gear to Reverse while you observe the backup lights. If the backup lights don’t flicker when your friend selects the Reverse gear, your reverse switch is faulty. In that case, fixing the switch is imperative.

Use this guide to repair the reverse switch on your Cadillac SRX:

  • Locate your reverse switch.
  • You’ll find this switch mounted onto the gearbox.
  • Search for the four switch wires and their terminals.
  • Then, disconnect these wires.
  • Shift your gear to Drive.
  • Loosen the locknut where your reverse switch is attached.
  • Next, rotate the switch until it comes off the locknut.
  • Connect a circuit tester to the two reverse light terminals on the gearbox.
  • The light on the tester will turn on.
  • Screw on the reverse switch until the backup light goes off.
  • Use a dab of paint to mark the location of the switch when the backup lights went off.
  • Mark your gearbox in the same area too.
  • Now, disconnect your circuit tester from the two backup light terminals.
  • Attach the circuit tester to the two inhibitor terminals.
  • Start rotating the reverse switch again.
  • Keep rotating the switch until the circuit tester light turns back on.
  • This time, mark only the gearbox to indicate the location of the switch when the tester light turned on.
  • Now, screw out the reverse switch until its mark is directly between the two marks on the gearbox.
  • Your reverse switch will resume working now.

After fixing your reverse switch, move your gear to Reverse. Wait for the backup camera to turn on.

If the camera stays off, don’t give up yet. The final tip might solve the problem.

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Replace Your Backup Camera

Is your Cadillac SRX backup camera still refusing to work? Then, the camera is probably dead. Consider replacing the camera to resolve this issue.

The tools you need to replace your backup camera are a 5.5mm socket and extension, and a T30 torx drive.

Take these steps to replace the backup camera on your Cadillac SRX:

  • Pull up your liftgate.
  • Locate the screws inside the holes at the bottom of the liftgate.
  • Use a T30 torx drive to remove these screws.
  • Now, pull out the trim panel under the liftgate.
  • Next, search for your camera’s connector.
  • Disconnect this connector from the liftgate connector.
  • Close your liftgate.
  • Pull out the liftgate panel located above the license plate.
  • Your backup camera is attached to this panel.
  • You’ll notice some bolts holding down the camera to the panel.
  • Remove these bolts from the panel with a 5.5mm socket.
  • You should be able to detach your camera from the panel now.
  • Take out the old camera and insert the new one.
  • Then, re-install the bolts you removed earlier.
  • Attach the panel back onto the liftgate.
  • Connect your camera’s connector to the liftgate connector.
  • Finally, push the trim panel back onto the liftgate.
  • Pull down your liftgate.

Your backup camera should be working properly now.

Wrapping Up

The easiest way to fix your faulty Cadillac SRX backup camera is to reset your car’s computer and clean the camera’s lens. If these tips fail to work, replace the lens and splice any rusty wires on the camera. You can also try repairing your reverse switch and replacing the backup camera.

However, if none of these tips fixes your camera, contact your dealer for further assistance.