Chevy Trailblazer Blower Motor Not Working [Causes and Solutions]

If you’ve just discovered that your Chevy Trailblazer Blower Motor is faulty and you’re not sure how to go about the issue, keep reading.

In this post, I’ll explain the reasons behind this problem and how to fix them yourself.

Causes of Chevy Trailblazer Blower Motor Problems

Blown Fuse

When a fuse in your car gets blown, the Chevy Trailblazer may develop a short circuit. This prevents the electronic devices, such as the blower motor, from receiving adequate electrical current.

Without enough current in your blower motor, the device won’t work.

You can fix this issue by replacing the blown fuse. If a fuse is blown, the metal strip at the center will be broken.

Locate your blown fuses in the fuse boxes under your hood and below your dashboard.

Bad Blower Motor Relay

A bad relay can keep your Chevy Trailblazer blower motor from working.

Before your blower motor can turn on, it must source power from the AC first. That said, the blower motor requires a large amount of electrical current to operate. So, it can’t source power directly from the AC, or it will damage the system.

To prevent such damage, the blower motor relay collects the power the motor needs when you turn on your AC. The relay then uses this power to activate the blower motor.

If you’ve been using your car for a while, the relay might develop issues and eventually stop working. As a result, your blower motor will not turn on.

To resolve this problem, you’ll need to replace your blower motor relay.

Broken Blower Motor Resistor

If your blower motor resistor is bad, your blower motor may not work.

After your blower motor turns on, the resistor decides how fast the device should run. If your blower motor resistor is faulty, the blower motor might run at a sluggish rate and eventually stop working.

You’ll need to replace the blower motor resistor to resolve this problem. But first, you might want to confirm that the resistor is faulty before you change it.

You can check if your blower motor resistor is bad by connecting the probes on the resistor to a multimeter. If the voltage reading on the multimeter is below or above 12 volts, your blower motor resistor is faulty.

Rusty Wires

Another culprit that causes the Chevy Trailblazer blower motor to stop working is a rusty wire.

Sometimes, water leaks into your vehicle when it rains. If the water flowing into your car collides with your blower motor’s wires, the wires will rust quickly. Rusty wires won’t deliver sufficient electrical current to the blower motor. As such, the blower motor may stop running.

The only way to fix this issue is to replace the connector on your blower motor.

Defective Blower Motor

It’s easy to think that the issue in your blower motor is always caused by other components. But sometimes, the reason your blower motor isn’t working is because the device itself is faulty.

To check if your blower motor is bad, listen for whirring noises from the dashboard. If you hear these sounds, chances are the blower motor is faulty.

To remedy this situation, you’ll have to change the blower motor.

Faulty Climate Control Unit

A bad climate control unit can also cause your blower motor to stop working. This is because the blower motor resistor relies on the climate control unit to deliver information about the fan’s speed.

If your climate control unit is bad, it may indicate that the fan is off when it is still working. As a result, the blower motor resistor will prevent the blower motor from running.

You’ll need to replace your climate control unit to fix this issue.

Tips to Fix a Faulty Blower Motor in Chevy Trailblazer

Check and Replace the Blower Motor Fuse

One of the common reasons why your Chevy Trailblazer blower motor stops working is a blown fuse. So, if you change the blown fuses in your car, the blower motor may resume working. You can tell that a fuse is blown if it looks broken in the center.

The fuse that controls the blower motor is usually located in the fuse panel under the dashboard. So, check all the fuses in the panel below the dashboard first. If none of them seems blown, inspect the fuse box below your hood.

Trailblazer Blower Motor Fuse

Make sure to replace your blown fuse with a fuse that has a similar color and amperage.

If your blower motor doesn’t resume working after you’ve replaced all the blown fuses in your car, try the next tip.

Change Your Blower Motor Relay

Another way to troubleshoot the blower motor in a Chevy Trailblazer is to replace the blower motor relay.

If you don’t know what your blower motor relay looks like, don’t fret. You can identify the relay by studying the wiring diagram in your owner’s manual.

Once you spot the relay in the manual, search for it in the fuse panels underneath your hood and dashboard and replace it.

Replace Your Blower Motor Resistor

You can also fix your blower motor by replacing the blower motor resistor.

Follow these steps to replace your blower motor resistor:

  • Locate the kick panel underneath your glove box.
  • Use a 7mm socket to remove the screws on the panel.
  • Grab the panel and slide it out.
  • You’ll plug linking the panel to the dashboard.
  • Use a trim tool to disconnect the wires on the plug.
  • You should be able to detach the panel completely now.
  • Disconnect the connector to the resistor.
  • Remove the bolts on the resistor with a 5.5mm socket.
  • Pull the resistor and slide it out.
  • Detach the connector on the blower motor to release the resistor.
  • Get your new resistor and connect it to the blower motor. Then re-install the connector and screw onto the blower motor.
  • Now, return the kick panel to its proper position.

Now, turn on your AC and check if the blower motor is working. If it isn’t, continue to the next step.

Replace the Connector on Your Blower Motor

Loose wires on the blower motor can prevent the device from working. To fix these loose wires, you’ll need to replace your connector.

Take the following steps to replace the connector on your blower motor:

  • Cut off the wires linking the connector to your blower motor.
  • Make sure to cut these wires close to the edge of the connector.
  • Detach the connector from the AC.
  • Get your new connector. Then connect it to the AC.
  • Now, you need to splice the wires on the connector and blower motor.
  • If the wires on the connector are too long, trim off a small piece. Then remove insulation from both wires until you have enough exposed wire.
  • Insert electrical tape onto both wires to protect the joint.
  • Tie the wires on both sides together.
  • Now, solder the joint.

Is the blower motor working now? If not, continue to the next tip.

Change Your Blower Motor

If none of the steps above fixes your blower motor, you might need to replace the motor.

The guide below will help you replace the blower motor in your Chevy Trailblazer:

  • Search for the kick panel below your glove box.
  • Remove the screws on the panel with a 7mm socket.
  • Pull the panel out.
  • You’ll notice some wires linking the panel to your dashboard.
  • Next, detach the wires from the panel.
  • If you find a connector on the panel, disconnect it.
  • You should be able to remove the panel now.
  • Next, disconnect the connector that holds your blower motor resistor to the blower motor.
  • Use a 5.5mm socket to remove the bolts on the blower motor.
  • The blower motor should slide down now.
  • Pull out the blower motor from the dashboard.
  • Insert your new blower motor into the dashboard. Then place the bolts and connectors back onto the dashboard.
  • Reattach the kick panel to the dashboard.

Replace Your Climate Control Unit

If your new blower motor doesn’t work, your climate control unit might be the problem. Your climate control module may be delivering wrong signals to the blower motor, thus causing the device to stay immobile.

To resolve this issue, you’ll need to replace your climate control unit.

We don’t recommend replacing your climate control unit yourself. If you do, you might damage your car’s electrical connections. Instead, ask your mechanic to replace your climate control unit.

You can read more about Chevy Trailblazer climate control problems here.

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Wrapping Up

Your Chevy Trailblazer may stop working because of a blown fuse, a weak blower motor resistor, or broken wires. Other factors that can prevent the blower motor from working include a faulty relay and a bad climate control unit.

One of the solutions here should fix your blower motor. However, if your blower motor doesn’t work after you’ve tried all the tips, contact your dealer for further assistance.