Dodge Journey Backup Camera Not Working [How to Fix]

Are you looking for a way to fix your faulty Dodge Journey backup camera? Then this post is for you.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll learn the common reasons why your Dodge Journey backup camera suddenly stops working and the solutions to each issue. I’ll also share simple step-by-step guides on how to apply the tips. Let’s dive in!

Dodge Journey Backup Camera

First, you want to know why your backup camera is  no longer working.

Common reasons why the Dodge Journey backup camera stops working are blown fuses, dirty lenses, bad wires, and minor functional errors. Your Dodge Journey backup camera may also stop working because the camera has gone dead.

Now, let’s head over to the troubleshooting tips.

How to Fix Dodge Journey Backup Camera Problems

Restart Your Car

Does your Dodge Journey backup camera display a black screen and the phrase Check Entire Surroundings when you set your gear to Reverse? If so, the backup camera might be dealing with a minor functional error.

Restarting your car will solve this problem.

Here’s how to restart your Dodge Journey:

  • Shift your gear to Drive.
  • Turn off your ignition.
  • Disconnect your negative battery cable.
  • Wait for about 15 seconds.
  • Then, reconnect the negative cable back to the battery
  • Turn your ignition back on.

Now, set your gear to Reverse again and check if the backup camera is working properly now. If the camera is still displaying a black screen, move on to the next tip.

Clean Your Camera’s Lens

If an object is blocking your backup camera’s lens, the camera may display a blank screen.

Dirt, dust, and debris slip into your car as you drive through various roads. These items may get stuck in obscure areas like your backup camera’s lens, thus obstructing the lens. You’ll need to clean your camera’s lens to remove these foreign items.

Uninstall your backup camera from the car. Then, use a microfiber towel to wipe the camera’s lens. Also, remove any foreign objects around the camera’s lens.

After cleaning your backup camera’s lens, turn on your ignition and shift your gear to Reverse. If the camera still shows a blank screen, continue to the next tip.

Check and Replace the Camera’s Fuse

Your Dodge Journey backup camera may stop working because its fuse is blown. When this happens, the camera shows a black screen instead of your rear-view image.

Your backup camera’s fuse regulates the flow of electricity to the camera. So, if the fuse goes bad, the camera won’t get enough power. As a result, it will stop working.

You can fix this issue by replacing the backup camera’s fuse.

Follow these steps to change your Dodge Journey backup camera’s fuse:

  • Go underneath your glove box.
  • You’ll notice a fuse diagram hanging beside the blower motor.
  • Pull down the clip holding the fuse diagram to release it.
  • This will reveal the fuse box.
  • Study the fuse diagram to find the exact location of your backup camera’s fuse.
  • The fuse number under the label RR Camera is the backup camera’s fuse.
  • Next, locate the fuse that bears your fuse number.
  • Once you find the fuse, you’ll need to pull it out.
  • Don’t remove the old fuse with your bare hands.
  • Instead, search for a clip under the fuse box.
  • This clip is shaped like a clothespin.
  • After locating the clip, pull it out.
  • Then, use the clip to remove your backup camera’s fuse from the fuse box.
  • Now, get your new fuse.
  • Make sure the new fuse has the same color and amperage as the old fuse.
  • Use your fuse clip to plug the new fuse into the fuse box.

Video tutorial:

After replacing the fuse, shift your gear to Reverse. Then, check if your backup camera is working. If it isn’t working, continue to the next tip.

Splice Your Backup Camera’s Wires

If your backup camera only works intermittently, the camera’s wires might be broken.

Your backup camera’s wires are attached to the liftgate on your vehicle. Whenever you pull this liftgate up or down, the wires begin to fray. Because these wires are loose, they might stop working occasionally.

The role of the backup camera’s wires is to deliver power to the backup camera. So, when these wires stop working, the camera goes off.

Splicing the frayed wires on your backup camera might fix the device.

First, find your backup camera’s wires. These wires are located in the rubber grommet at the top of the liftgate.

Once you locate the wires, you can start splicing them. The tools you need for the wire splice are a wire stripper, a needle nose plier and a 60/40 rosin flux soldering iron, and electrical tape.

Take the following steps to fix your Dodge Journey backup camera’s wires:

  • First, turn off your ignition.
  • Then, disconnect your negative battery cable.
  • Next, use a needle nose plier to separate the fraying wires.
  • Use a wire stripper to remove about a three-quarter inch of insulation on each side of the broken wire.
  • Cross both wires and twist them away from each other.
  • Heat your soldering iron.
  • Next, place the iron on the solder and let the solder melt on it.
  • Wipe the iron on a damp sponge, leaving only a thin layer of solder on the iron.
  • Place the soldering iron underneath the spliced wires.
  • Feed the solder from the top of the wires.
  • Do this until the solder starts to melt on the wires.
  • Then, slide the solder over the entire area of the spliced wires and let it melt.
  • Keep the soldering iron underneath the spliced wires during the whole process.
  • Once the melted solder has covered the wires, take the solder and soldering iron off the wires.
  • Now, wait for the soldered wires to cool down.
  • Finally, wrap the soldered wires in electrical tape.

Your backup camera should resume working now. However, if the camera doesn’t work, go to the next tip.

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Replace Your Backup Camera

If you’ve tried all the tips above, yet the rear view camera fails to work, the camera might be dead. As such, you’ll need to replace the camera.

The tools you need for the camera replacement are a flathead screwdriver, T20 and T25 torx drives.

Follow these steps to replace the backup camera in your Dodge Journey:

  • Pull up your liftgate.
  • You’ll notice two torx screws at the end of the liftgate.
  • Use a T20 torx drive to remove the screws.
  • This will release the panel on the tailgate.
  • Pull out the panel carefully.
  • As you pull down the panel, you’ll discover a white clip holding the panel to the liftgate.
  • Disconnect the clip to detach the panel from the liftgate.
  • The next step is to remove the screws linking your backup camera to the tailgate.
  • Pull down your liftgate.
  • Search for the panel bearing your backup camera.
  • This panel is usually located above the license plate.
  • Use a T25 torx drive to remove all the screws on both sides of the backup camera.
  • Pull up your liftgate again.
  • Locate your backup camera’s connector on the liftgate.
  • Using a flathead screwdriver, pull out the red clip on the camera’s connector.
  • This should disconnect your backup camera from the liftgate connector.
  • Close your liftgate.
  • Now, detach the panel bearing your backup camera from your car.
  • If your backup camera’s connector prevents you from detaching the panel, disconnect the connector from the camera.
  • Place the panel on the floor for easy access.
  • Then, use a T20 torx drive to remove the bolts holding your backup camera to the panel.
  • Pull out the old backup camera.
  • Now, grab the new backup camera.
  • If you don’t know which direction to insert the new camera, you can plug it directly into the liftgate connector.
  • Move your gear to Reverse and check how the rear images appear on the camera.
  • If the images look upside down, turn the backup camera over.
  • Once you’ve figured out the correct way to insert your backup camera, place it in the panel.
  • Re-install the screws onto the backup camera.
  • Attach your panel to the car.
  • Finally, fix the screws and panels you removed earlier back into place.

Your Dodge Journey backup camera should work now.

Wrapping Up

Try all the tips I’ve shared here to fix your Dodge Journey rear view camera. If the camera fails to work after you’ve applied the solutions. Contact your dealer for further assistance.