Does Toyota Venza Have Transmission Issues? Find Out!

If you’re looking to get a Toyota Venza, it’s okay to do some checks, after all, the car doesn’t come cheap.

If you’re wondering whether Toyota Venza has transmission problems, the quick answer is yes. However, transmission issues with the Toyota Venza are not obvious, and you can prevent or fix these issues when they occur.

Toyota Venza

More so, the Toyota Venza transmission doesn’t go bad completely without signs. Users will usually notice some signs that show the transmission is developing an issue. This should help you take the required steps to prevent your transmission from failing.

That said, let’s look at the common signs that show your Toyota Venza transmission is developing an issue.

Here are the common telltale signs of a failing transmission in a Toyota Venza:

  • Delay in shifting gears
  • Transmission fluid leaks
  • Strange smells
  • Transmission warning light is on
  • Grinding sound or odd noise when shifting gears.
  • Gears catch when you change them.

Troubleshooting Toyota Venza Transmission Issues

1. Check Your Transmission Seals

One of the signs that shows your Toyota Venza transmission is bad is transmission fluid leaks.

If you notice transmission fluid leaks underneath your car, gasket, seals, or transmission hose could be the culprit. So, you’ll need to check your transmission to see if the seal or gasket are in order. If not, change them.

Your mechanic should help you check and change any faulty component causing the leaks.

2. Flush and Replace the Transmission Fluid

Another way to tell if your Toyota Venza transmission is faulty is if you experience delays in shifting gears. A faulty component in your transmission or dirty transmission fluid could be the reason for this problem.

Check your transmission fluid to see if it’s clogged with debris. If so, flush it and replace the fluid. Make sure to use only the recommended fluids.

More so, if your transmission fluid doesn’t contain dirt or debris, but it’s now so dark, it’s time for a complete system flush.

Other times, you may just need to refill your fluids to fix issues such as odd noise or grinding sound.

Get a mechanic to check your transmission to determine the exact cause of the problem to know if you need to flush and transmission fluid, refill the fluid, replace seals/hose.

3. Get Professional Help

If you don’t notice any transmission fluid leaks, strange smell or delays in shifting gears but your transmission warning light is on, you’ll need to get professional help.

The transmission warning light on your dashboard is a clear sign that your Toyota Venza transmission is not in order and may require servicing.

You may need to contact a dealer or an experienced mechanic to inspect your car’s transmission and get it fixed.

You should avoid driving your car with the transmission warning light on, as this could be dangerous.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Toyota Venza Transmission?

The price of fixing your Toyota Venza transmission will vary depending on the cause of the problem.

For example, you may only need to change the transmission fluid, seals, or gasket. This may cost anywhere between $150 to $500.

But if your transmission requires a complete replacement, it may cost anywhere from $3,500.

Tips to Prevent Toyota Venza Transmission Problems

  • Change your Toyota Venza transmission fluid from time to time—at least every 30,000 miles. Refer to your car’s user manual for details on the specific mileage intervals for a transmission fluid change.
  • Check your transmission fluid levels and refill it if needed.
  • Always use the recommended transmission fluid. Check your car’s user manual to find this information.
  • If you see the transmission warning light on your dashboard, seek professional help as soon as possible.

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Wrapping Up

As mentioned earlier, the Toyota Venza is not notorious for transmission problems.

However, the car might develop transmission issues sometimes, depending on the usage. You can prevent transmission issues in your Toyota Venza by frequently changing the transmission fluid, using the right type of fluid, checking the fluid levels and refilling it if needed.

You should also get a mechanic to check your car immediately if you notice transmission fluid leaks underneath your Toyota Venza.