Eaton Fuller Automatic Transmission Problems [6 Common Issues]

A failing car transmission system usually shows early signs. Identifying these signs will help you resolve the problem before it gets too late.

Eaton Fuller Automatic Transmission

For your needs, this post covers the most common issues (signs) you may notice if your car’s Eaton Fuller automatic transmission is failing. I’ll also provide some handy tips to help you resolve the issue.

Eaton Fuller Automatic Transmission Problems

1. Transmission Overheating

One of the signs that something is wrong with your Eaton Fuller automatic transmission is when it overheats.

The mechanical components that make up Eaton Fuller automatic transmissions can get worn out, malfunction, or damaged, especially under high heat levels.

This results in high fuel consumption and less-than-acceptable performance from your vehicle. It also shortens the overall lifespan of your vehicle’s gearbox.

The first sign that shows your Eaton Fuller automatic transmission is overheating is the appearance of an error on your screen.

However, this particular error is only noticeable on the screen if you utilize an appropriate diagnostic tool to access the actual error codes.

So, when your vehicle starts underperforming and sucks fuel like there’s no tomorrow, something might be wrong with your transmission. Confirm this suspicion by making use of the appropriate diagnostic tool.

Allow your Eaton Fuller automatic transmission to cool down, and then check the condition of the gearbox oil. If this oil is entirely black or too thick, change it immediately.

You should also check your clutch to confirm whether it is the culprit.

2. Mechatronic Malfunction

The first sign of a mechatronic malfunction is the appearance of error codes due to the complete failure of mechatronic sensors.

In many cases, the cable that connects the mechatronic sensor to the automatic transmission control unit can come loose, triggering the appearance of these error codes.

Bear in mind that Eaton Fuller automatic transmissions are pretty advanced. However, they depend on several mechatronic components.

If these mechatronic components fail, the Eaton Fuller automatic transmission will no longer be capable of functioning appropriately, resulting in a poor driving experience.

Check the cable to ensure it is appropriately connected to the mechatronic sensor. Confirm the functionality of the sensor. A professional Eaton Fuller automatic transmission specialist should be able to handle this aspect.

3. Loud, Unusual Noises

Your Eaton Fuller automatic transmission could be the problem when you hear loud noises while driving.

Eaton Fuller transmissions are not designed to make loud, unusual noises during operation. Instead, unexpected noises from a transmission could have something to do with a severe damping issue.

Unusual noises from an Eaton Fuller automatic transmission can only mean one thing: a component within the assembly is worn out or fractured and requires replacement.

Therefore, your auto mechanic should uninstall the entire assembly from which the loud noises emanate. Then, it will be rebuilt to fix this transmission problem.

4. Transmission Fluid Leaking

Eaton Fuller automatic transmissions are usually equipped with leakage-proof systems. However, this doesn’t prevent transmission fluid leakages.

A P0842 error or errors within a similar range linked with transmission fluid pressure appears. The sensors may also get low pressure, indicating the lack of sufficient fluid that implies a leakage somewhere in the Eaton Fuller automatic transmission.

When there’s a leakage from an Eaton Fuller transmission, it causes overheating. This also means severe mechanical damage could occur to your vehicle if not addressed as soon as possible.

The most viable solution to transmission fluid leakages is detecting precisely where the leak is and patching it up. Therefore, check the seals in the Eaton Fuller automatic transmission to see if they are broken and replace them.

You should also check the condition of the gaskets to see if they are worn out and require replacement.

5. Shift Solenoid Failure

If you experience gear shifting issues, the shift solenoid is no longer functioning properly. Eaton Fuller automatic transmissions change gears by directing pressurized transmission fluid to move bands and clutches around appropriately.

A computer controls all these actions with solenoids, which are little spring-loaded devices.

The first sign of shift solenoid malfunction with the Eaton Fuller automatic transmission is the appearance of the P0750 code.

However, this is a generic code you will only get when you use OBD-II for your automatic transmission.

You may need to replace the faulty shift solenoids or change the transmission filter and fluid. Check the condition of the transmission pump, and if it looks less than satisfactory, replace it immediately.

6. Unnecessary Vibration

Unnecessary vibration in an Eaton Fuller transmission usually originates somewhere within the drive train. But the transmission feels the impact of the vibration.

When your Eaton Fuller transmission is vibrating, you will feel it. But it is also common for transmission damage caused by vibration to occur without the driver’s knowledge.

  • Some transmission problems caused by drivetrain vibration include:
  • Loose or broken synchronizer pins
  • Rattling of gear at idle
  • Continuous loosening of brackets, mountings, and cap screws
  • Repeated leakage due to damaged rear seals
  • Noises
  • Fretted shaft and gear splines
  • Worn-out shaft spine wear
  • Fretted bearings
  • Worn-out universal joints which serve as a vibration indicator

The common causes of transmission vibration include:

  • Unbalanced brake drums or wheels
  • Driveline misalignment
  • Rough running engine
  • Worn suspension
  • Worn-out or broken engine mounts

Get your vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop so your mechanic can run proper diagnostic tests. Whatever component is broken or worn out should be replaced immediately.

Can You Drive with a Bad Eaton Fuller Automatic Transmission?

Driving with a bad Eaton Fuller automatic transmission is never a good idea. Although it is possible to drive your vehicle despite its bad Eaton Fuller automatic transmission, each time you do so causes more damage to the transmission.

By the time you’re ready to fix it, you will have lots of problems to clear up as well as high maintenance bills.

Unfortunately, you will face this since your mechanic has to deal with the metal shavings that have chipped off and gotten into your coolant.

How Much Does It Cost to Rebuild an Eaton Fuller Automatic Transmission?

The average cost of rebuilding an Eaton Fuller transmission range from $3,000 to $7,000. But this depends on the kind of transmission, the model and make of your vehicle, and your mechanic’s location.

Take note that labor costs and the cost of related repairs have yet to be factored in.

Tips to Make Your Eaton Fuller Automatic Transmission Last Longer

Here are some tips you should adopt to prolong the lifespan of your Eaton Fuller automatic transmission:

  • Check the transmission fluid from time to time. It is the most efficient way of ensuring your Eaton Fuller transmission remains in excellent health.
  • Avoid shifting while your car is in motion. This helps prevent stripping the gears of your automatic transmission or weakening them.
  • Invest in regular tune-up appointments. This will usually include fluid changes, cleanings, and oil changes.
  • Ensure your vehicle is always in proper gear since driving in the wrong gear can severely damage your Eaton Fuller automatic transmission.
  • Give your Eaton Fuller transmission frequent breaks on extensive road trips.
  • Give your automobile enough time to warm up before putting it into gear, irrespective of the weather.
  • Take your vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop as soon as you suspect the transmission may be in trouble. This is crucial, especially when you notice odd smells, grinding gears, smoke coming out from under the hood, or experience difficulty switching between gears.

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Wrapping Up

Eaton Fuller is a famous company that manufactures different transmissions and other automotive units or components for its users. One of the company’s popular products is the automatic transmission.

The Eaton Fuller automatic transmission may offer several benefits, but it also has some problems users have noted and complained about. I have outlined some of the problems in this article. In addition, the ways to fix these issues have also been provided, so take note; you may need them when you get into trouble with your Eaton Fuller automatic transmission!