Eco Mode Toyota Corolla: All Details Explained

Have you ever thought about improving fuel efficiency and boosting the lifespan of your Toyota Corolla? You are about to discover a unique feature that comes with your beloved vehicle. This unique feature takes lots of pressure off your Toyota Corolla’s engine and significantly minimizes acceleration response.

What is Eco Mode on Toyota Corolla?

The Eco Mode (economy mode) on Toyota Corolla is a driving mode that boosts fuel efficiency when it’s activated.

Toyota Corolla Eco Mode Button

The Toyota Corolla Eco Mode feature also helps minimize wear and tear on your engine. In addition, switching your Toyota Corolla to Eco Mode relieves your powertrain system of pressure.

Do not confuse the Eco Mode with the EV Mode found in several hybrid vehicles. While the Eco Mode minimizes fuel consumption, the EV Mode doesn’t take any energy from your gas tank. The latter runs solely on the electric car battery the hybrid vehicle comes with.

How to Activate Eco Mode on Toyota Corolla

Activating the Eco Mode on the Toyota Corolla is a straightforward process. However, the model of your Toyota Corolla will determine how to activate the Eco Mode feature.

Note that the Toyota Corolla models from 1996 to 2013 did not come with the Eco Mode feature. However, some Toyota Corolla models had OverDrive, which can be said to be an earlier version of the Eco driving mode.

The OverDrive feature helped boost the fuel economy in those early models of the Toyota Corolla. But it wasn’t really the same thing as the popular Eco Mode feature.

That said, here’s how to activate the Toyota Corolla Eco Mode feature in different models of the brand:

2014–2020 Toyota Corolla Models (Automatic Eco Mode):

To activate the Eco driving mode feature in these Toyota Corolla models, go to ‘Settings’ to turn it on, and an indicator will appear in the multi-information display. This shows the zone for operating your vehicle within the Eco range.

However, when your vehicle encounters heavy acceleration, it goes out of the Eco range. As a result, the ‘Eco’ message will no longer appear on the multi-information display.

For Toyota Corolla models with no multi-information display, you will need to hold the ‘Disp button’ located on the steering wheel for several seconds.

2014-2020 Toyota Corolla Models (Eco Mode button):

To activate the Eco Mode feature in these models, press the ‘ECO MODE’ button. This button is located on the center console between the driver and passenger seats.

When the Eco Mode is activated, an ‘ECO MODE’ indicator will light up your vehicle’s instrument cluster. Your Toyota Corolla will remain in this driving mode until you decide to deactivate it or when you shut off your ignition. The Eco Mode feature is usually turned off by default when you switch on the ignition.

2021-2023 Toyota Corolla Models:

To activate the Eco Mode feature in these Toyota Corolla models, start the vehicle. Then, make sure the gear stick is in the ‘Park’ position.

Then locate the Eco Mode button on the steering wheel controls or the vehicle’s dashboard. Press this Eco Mode button in order to switch it on. The Eco Mode indicator will light up, indicating you have successfully activated this driving mode.

How to Deactivate Eco Mode

You can deactivate the Eco Mode feature in the 2021-2023 Toyota Corolla models by pressing the Eco Mode button.

Depressing this button immediately turns off the Eco Mode indicator light, showing that you have successfully deactivated the Eco Mode feature.

How Eco Mode Works and When to Use It in your Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla Eco Mode works by toning down the overall sensitivity of your throttle response.

When activated, the Eco Mode swiftly alters transmission shift points and limits the maximum range of your climate controls, such as cooling/heating. This makes the transmission smoother and slower.

In other words, engaging the Eco Mode in your Toyota Corolla makes your gas pedal less reactive. This ensures that your engine no longer works as hard as it should. You’ll also not be able to accelerate as quickly as you can.

Despite switching your Toyota Corolla to Eco Mode, your vehicle will still deliver the same power over a specific acceleration period. However, this automotive feature tones down the initial burst of mechanical energy in order to get moving.

This makes the Eco Mode feature for the Toyota Corolla perfect for stop-and-go traffic as it slows overall acceleration.

You should only use the Eco Mode driving mode when cruising around your city. Using this driving mode when traveling along a highway or uphill is not economical or advisable.

Is the Toyota Corolla Eco Mode Actually Useful?

Driving your Toyota Corolla in Eco Mode is useful as it is one of the best features that comes with your vehicle. This feature slows the reaction time of accelerating, making it the perfect setting for stop-and-go traffic.

By switching your Toyota Corolla to Eco Mode, you will enjoy a better fuel economy in the long run. You will find it easier to avoid excessive or unnecessary throttle input. In addition, the overall power you save from driving your Toyota Corolla in Eco Mode makes your engine more fuel-efficient.

The Eco Mode makes you drive your Toyota Corolla at a relaxed pace. If you used to have a heavy foot on the brake and gas pedals, the Eco Mode setting would set you in order. This means you won’t need to accelerate too fast if you will only need to stop again within the next few minutes.

Moreover, the Eco Mode setting in your Toyota Corolla lowers the output of the air conditioning as well as dims interior lights.

So, is the Toyota Corolla Eco Mode actually useful? Yes, it is, especially if most of your driving is around the town at low speeds. On the other hand, hitting high speeds or having a heavy foot on the brake and gas pedals will rob you of the immense benefits of driving your vehicle in Eco Mode.

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Wrapping Up

When it comes to reliability and efficiency, the Toyota Corolla holds its own among the top vehicle brands.

However, you can enhance these features by activating and using Eco Mode. The Toyota Corolla Eco Mode helps prolong your vehicle’s lifespan, including improving the engine for top performance.