Eco Mode on Toyota Sienna: All Details Explained

If you’re on this page, my guess is you’re not sure how the Eco Mode feature works on your Toyota Sienna. If that’s the case, you want to keep reading as this post contains valuable information for you.

In the following paragraphs, I’ll explain what Eco Mode is on Toyota Sienna, how to activate it, and when to use it. Let’s dive in.

What is Eco Mode on Toyota Sienna?

Toyota Sienna Eco Mode

The Eco Mode (economy mode) on Toyota Sienna is one of the drive modes in Toyota Sienna.

The Eco Mode feature (when activated) restricts the overall performance of your vehicle to increase fuel economy to the most optimal level.

The feature achieves this by adjusting shift points, limiting throttle response, and your Toyota Sienna’s engine air/fuel ratio.

When driving your Toyota Sienna in Eco Mode, the engine will not be as responsive to a small jab of the gas pedal as it should. It will also not be so quick to shift when you demand increased output. This is because your vehicle’s engine operates on parallel and alternate performance parameters.

In other words, the Eco Mode on your Toyota Sienna makes your engine function as it would when you drive conservatively.

How to Activate Eco Mode in Toyota Sienna

You can activate the Eco Mode in your Toyota Sienna by pressing a toggle on your instrument cluster.

Usually, by default, when you start your Toyota Sienna, an indicator showing ‘ECO On’ starts glowing on your gauge cluster. So, in most cases, the Eco driving mode is already activated when you start the car.

How to Deactivate Eco Mode in Toyota Sienna

You can deactivate the Eco Mode in your Toyota Sienna by tapping the toggle embedded in your instrument cluster. The glowing Eco indicator will go off, showing that you have successfully deactivated the Eco mode in your vehicle.

You can deactivate the Eco driving mode in a 2019 Toyota Sienna model by holding the ‘disp’ button on its steering wheel for several seconds until the option appears. The vehicle must be in odometer mode when making this switch.

The Eco Mode indicator light will not function if the shift lever of your Toyota Sienna is in any other position than ‘Drive.’ It will also not function if your minivan’s speed is approximately 130 km/hr. or 80 miles per hour, or even higher.

How Eco Mode Works and When to Use It in Your Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna Eco Mode works by forcing your vehicle’s ECM/PCM to function on an alternate set of performance parameters. Your Toyota Sienna depends on these performance parameters to determine transmission and engine response under a wide variety of inputs.

But in this case, these performance parameters are only geared towards one goal: reducing overall fuel consumption.

When running in Eco Mode, your Toyota Sienna’s engine’s fuel trims are efficiently adjusted, including the overall engine response. The feature also adjusts the transmission shift points to prevent fuel consumption.

You should only switch to Eco Mode whenever you want to boost your Toyota Sienna’s fuel economy. This may include periods when you drive along the highway or within your city, including back road cruising. It is also the best driving mode to switch to when you’re not in a hurry or have lots of time to reach your destination.

However, you should never switch your Toyota Sienna to Eco Mode when spirited driving is needed. For instance, if you need to arrive at your destination in a rush or the flow of traffic calls for quick acceleration across several lanes on the highway, you should never use Eco Mode.

How Useful is the Toyota Sienna Eco Mode?

The Toyota Sienna Eco Mode is useful as it helps regulate power output, seat heating, as well as climate control. It also significantly increases fuel efficiency and minimizes power demands.

Driving your Toyota Sienna in Eco driving mode puts less strain on your minivan’s engine. As a result, you will enjoy an improved fuel economy, even though this change is not visibly drastic. Your Toyota Sienna will use less gas, and you will get more miles per gallon when following the driving habits inspired by the Eco Mode.

There will also be fewer harmful emissions due to the considerable decrease in fuel consumption. In other words, your Toyota Sienna will not emit as many toxic chemicals to the environment, resulting in fewer carbon footprints.

Lastly, when your Toyota Sienna is in Eco Mode, you won’t have to fill up your gas tank very often. As a result, you will end up saving some cash in the long run.

So, yes, the Toyota Sienna Eco Mode is a very useful feature that every minivan owner should use from time to time.

Bear in mind that the Eco Mode in Toyota Sienna doesn’t charge the minivan’s battery.

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Wrapping Up

The modern Toyota Sienna has several features, such as a digital gauge cluster, roll-down rear windows, several USB-C and USB ports, and unique driving modes. The Eco Mode is one of the driving modes of this minivan. It also offers Normal, Sport, and EV driving modes.

Driving your Toyota Sienna Eco Mode returns impressive fuel economy while helping you drive at sedate paces. Everything about activating, deactivating, and when to use the Eco Mode has been highlighted in this article. Therefore, maximize your fuel efficiency by selecting the Eco driving mode when driving your Toyota Sienna.