EV Mode Toyota Highlander: All Details Explained

Have you ever wondered what the EV Mode in your Toyota Highlander can do? The Toyota Highlander comes with 4 unique driving modes: Eco, Sport, Normal, and EV Modes. These driving modes can easily be accessed by pressing a button near the shifter in the vehicle’s console.

This article covers almost everything you need to know about the EV Mode in the Toyota Highlander.

What is EV Mode on Toyota Highlander?

Highlander EV Mod Button

When your Toyota Highlander is in the EV (electric vehicle) drive mode, the hybrid or traction battery supplies electric power. The electric motor or traction motor drives your Toyota Highlander, resulting in greater efficiency and fewer emissions.

The EV Mode in the Toyota Highlander enables you to drive late at night or early in the morning with zero concerns for gas emissions and noise. It is also the perfect driving mode to use in indoor parking lots.

By switching your Toyota Highlander to EV Mode, you will not be releasing any toxic gases or fumes into the atmosphere when driving.

Activating EV Mode in Toyota Highlander

You can activate the EV mode in your Toyota Highlander by flipping the switch in the console. When the EV drive mode is activated, the EV Mode indicator lights up, and the electric motor takes over while the gasoline engine ‘deactivates.’

Deactivating EV Mode in Toyota Highlander

There are several ways to deactivate the EV Mode in your Toyota Highlander. First, you can do this manually via the switch, and the EV Mode indicator turns off. This shows that you have successfully deactivated the EV Mode and switched to either the Sport or Normal driving mode.

Then the gasoline engine takes over while the electric motor ‘rests.’

Toyota Highlander Dashboard

The EV Mode in your Toyota Highlander may also deactivate, and the gasoline engine restarts when your vehicle’s speed is high, or the hybrid battery becomes low. If your gas pedal is also firmly depressed to the floorboards or when traveling on a hill, the EV driving mode automatically deactivates itself, and your gasoline engine kicks in almost immediately.

Moreover, when your vehicle’s battery can no longer provide enough power for EV driving, you will hear the sound of a buzzer. Next, the EV Mode indicator flashes briefly and turns off while a message is readily displayed on the multi-information display. Finally, your Toyota Highlander will revert to regular drive mode.

Your engine and other systems in your vehicle (including those that readily convert kinetic energy to electricity) will recharge your battery, just as before.

How EV Mode Works and When to Use It

When you initiate the EV driving mode in your Toyota Highlander, the vehicle immediately self-checks several conditions. This includes the coolant temperature, the battery—to determine if it is sufficiently charged, pedal positioning, and acceleration speed.

If all these conditions align properly, your Toyota Highlander will enter EV Mode. But if any of these vital requirements are compromised, your Toyota Highlander will return to Normal drive mode.

A message will be displayed to that effect on the multi-information display, and it will read, ‘EV Mode currently not available.’

You should only switch your Toyota Highlander to EV Mode when driving in areas where being quiet is highly essential.

For instance, you can switch to EV Mode when driving early in the morning in any residential area. This is because the EV Mode will significantly minimize your vehicle’s noise level as you navigate.

Bear in mind that the EV Mode will only allow you to run your vehicle as a fully electric automobile at speeds up to 25 miles per hour for a limited range.

If your speed is above 25 miles per hour, or the defroster is on, or the hybrid system temperature of your Toyota Highlander is outside the specified operating range, the EV mode will deactivate itself.

As a result, pedestrians and other road users, especially those riding bicycles or scooters in the area, may be unaware of when your vehicle approaches them or starts. In EV Mode, your Toyota Highlander emits very little noise. This is why you should always pay close attention when driving your Toyota Highlander in EV Mode.

Is the Toyota Highlander EV Mode Actually Useful?

The EV Mode in the Toyota Highlander is a useful feature that every owner should take advantage of from time to time. This unique feature allows you to drive your Toyota Highlander as an electric vehicle without assistance from your gasoline engine.

Since your vehicle is in EV driving mode, your Toyota Highlander is powered by electricity. The electric motor drives your vehicle with zero emissions and silently. Therefore, the EV Mode is most useful when driving in areas with concern for gas or exhaust emissions and noise. It is also the mode of choice when driving in indoor parking lots or late at night.

This makes the EV driving mode in the Toyota Highlander one of today’s most useful features. However, the EV Mode is not designed for use as the major power for the prolonged operation of your Toyota Highlander. As long as you stay within the parameters highlighted earlier, your vehicle will operate efficiently in EV Mode.

It must be stated that Toyota Highlander’s operation range in EV Mode depends significantly on the model. Some models are highly limited in speed and range, while others can easily achieve full highway speeds. The latter are capable of traveling several kilometers or miles while running exclusively on electric power.

Therefore, check your Toyota Highlander model or get a certified mechanic to ascertain whether your vehicle belongs to any of the two categories stated above.

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Wrapping Up

The Toyota Highlander is one of the best sports utility vehicles today, always ready to go the distance. It comes with several driving modes, such as Sport, Normal, Eco, and EV drive modes.

This article covered nearly everything you need to know about the EV drive mode in the Toyota Highlander. So, use this feature properly and adhere to the subtle tips on when to use and not to use the EV drive mode in your Toyota Highlander.

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