How Do I Change the Battery of a Yi Dashcam?

Have you got a Yi Dashcam and you don’t know how to change the battery? Read to find out how to change the battery as well as how long the battery can last.

Removing the battery of a Yi Dashcam involves series of technical activities. This is simply because it works with an in-built battery which you can remove anyway. Before you can then think of changing the battery, you need to know the recommended replacement battery first, right?

What Battery Does a Yi Dashcam Use?

Yi Dashcam Battery

Yi Dashcam uses a 402035 rechargeable Lithium battery of about 3.7 volt. You can purchase such a battery on a recognized store like Amazon and others.

Finding the battery of a Yi Dashcam is not the big deal; replacing it is. To replace the old battery in the camera, you will have to open it to locate the old battery within. This then leads us to the next task to solve – replacing the old battery with a new one.

How Do I Replace the Battery?

You can replace the battery in a Yi Dashcam by opening the camera case to locate the in-built battery. Once you have located the old battery, you can then remove and replace it with a new one. Follow the following steps to remove and replace the battery in your Yi Dashcam.

Steps To Follow:

  1. First off, you need a toolkit which you will use to open the back case. You can as well get a suitable screwdriver to open the case.
  2. Pry up the back case from the corners until it opens. The back case is only fixed with the case connectors. Thus, you may need to use your fingernail or any flat object to pry it open.
  3. Unscrew the four screws that hold the LCD panel to the circuit board of the camera. You will most likely find the screws on the four corners of the camera.
  4. Remove the camera board. There are two screws that hold the camera board onto the case. Therefore, you will have to unscrew them.
  5. Disconnect the wi-fi antenna from the board. You will notice a black wire with an aluminum head clipped unto the camera board.
  6. Carefully lift up the board from the body of the camera to locate the battery. While doing this, avoid touching the sensor of the camera. Mind you, there is still a wire that connect the battery with the board.
  7. Carefully detach the battery connector from the board to remove the old battery. Once you are done, you can easily remove the battery from the case. Be careful with the way you handle the board while removing the battery from the case.
  8. Fix the new battery into the battery space provided on the case. If you find a foamy tape on the old battery, you can remove it and attach it to the new battery. Once the battery is well placed inside the case, connect the battery cable to the board.
  9. Reconnect the camera, starting with the board, the wi-fi antenna and the LCD panel. Ensure that you replace all the screws you removed back to their right position.
  10. Switch on the camera to see if it works.
  11. Since you just changed the battery, you will have to charge it first. By the way, how do you charge the battery of a Yi Dashcam?

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How To Charge the Battery of a Yi Dashcam

Yi technologies suggest you switch off the camera before charging the battery. With a USB charger, you can charge the battery by connecting the camera to a power source. The USB port on the side of the camera serves as the charging port for the in-built battery.

How Long Does It Take To Charge the Battery?

According to Yi technologies, it takes about 90 minutes to take the battery to full charge. Meanwhile, the charge duration depends on the charger and the power source you use to charge the battery.

How Do I Know if the Battery Is Fully Charged?

There is a charging indicator on the camera which will notify you when the battery is fully charged. While you are charging the battery, the charging indicator stays on. The indicator light will therefore go off when the battery is full.

How Long Does the Battery of a Yi Dashcam Last?

According to Yi technologies, the battery can last up to 109 minutes if the wi-fi and the LCD stay off. If the wi-fi is on but the LCD stays off, the battery can last up to 91 minutes. Mind you, the duration at which the battery will last depends on the video quality your camera uses.

Powered by ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), Yi Dashcam is designed to protect you and your car on the road. As a result, you may always want such a valuable device to stay active while you are driving. Therefore, knowing how the battery works will serve as a very vital information to you.