How Long Does iPhone Batteries Last?

So, you’ve finally bought an iPhone, and you want to know how long you should expect to use it before the battery goes flat.

Read on for information about the longevity of iPhone batteries in this article.

Here is the short answer to how long iPhone batteries last:

The average iPhone battery lasts between 5-17 hours on a full charge and has an average lifespan of about two years. That said, the model of your iPhone can determine the longevity of its battery life. For instance, while iPhone 5s only lasts about 8 hours on the average, iPhone X can last as long as 17 hours.

Why Is My iPhone Battery Draining Fast?

There are several features on your iPhone that can reduce its battery life. These features include:

1. Location and Wi-Fi

The location and Wi-Fi features on your iPhone consume a lot of power. So, if you have no reason to track your location, use a GPS or surf the web, turn them off.

2. Push Mail

This feature connects your iPhone to your mail server, such that you receive new e-mails as direct messages on your iPhone.

Because the Push Mail feature requires your iPhone to query your mail server frequently, it eats up a lot of battery life.

It’s best to disable this feature and check your mail manually.

3. iPhones Apps Running in the Background

If you don’t close your apps immediately you finish using them, you may not be able to use your charged battery for a long time.

Please note that you cannot close your Apps by moving directly to the Home screen.

To close an iPhone App, follow these steps:

  • Double-click the Home Button to find the iPhone App switcher. You’ll get a list of all the apps you haven’t closed.
  • Now, push these apps to the top of the screen. You’ve closed them.

4. Brightness

Your battery is more likely to drain faster if the brightness of your screen is very high.

5. iPhone Analytics

This feature automatically sends data about how you use your iPhone to you regularly.

Owing to its need to browse through the phone, iPhone Analytics also sucks a lot of battery power.

How Long Does iPhone Batteries Last


iPhones with the Best Battery Life

Based on our research, here is a list of iPhones with excellent battery life:

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max (3,687 mAh)
  • iPhone 12 (2,815 mAh)
  • iPhone X (2,716 mAh)
  • iPhone XS (2,658 mAh)
  • iPhone 12 Mini (2227 mAh)

When Should I Replace My iPhone Battery?

The average iPhone battery wears out after 18 months. So, if you have used your iPhone for almost two years, it’s time to change your battery.

How Can I Tell Which App is Draining My iPhone Battery?

You have tried all the battery saving tips, but your battery still dies as fast as you charge it. If this is you, you might have power-hungry apps on your iPhone.

These steps will help you identify the app that drains your iPhone battery:

  • Scroll to the Settings app and click on ‘Battery.’
  • Swipe up to find a list of all the apps on your phone in their order of battery usage.
  • Before you disable any power-hungry app, consider the importance of the app to you and how often you use it.

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How Can I Tell if My iPhone Needs a New Battery?

Except in rare cases, no iPhone battery breaks down in one day. Your battery will slowly develop minor issues that may graduate to severe problems.

Some of these issues are:

  • Low speaker volume: If your iPhone speaker is low, even though you have turned up the volume to the highest intensity, your battery might be faulty.
  • Your iPhone screen has a dimmer backlight than usual.
  • The apps on your phone take longer to launch.
  • Your games with originally high-definition graphics now appear in lower quality graphics.
  • Your screen stutters when you scroll.

If you’ve observed any or all of these signs on your iPhone, you might need to get a battery replacement.

You may get the new battery for free if AppleCare covers your iPhone. If not, pay for a replacement at a local service shop.

How Can I Improve My iPhone Battery Life?

Everyone with an iPhone wants their battery to last as long as possible so they can use all the features they enjoy to their satisfaction.

Here are steps you can take to increase your battery life:

1. Reduce the Brightness of your screen. The Brightness feature is one of the most potent consumers of your iPhone battery. You can lower the brightness of your screen in the Control Center.
2. Use Low Power Mode. The Low Power mode disables battery-draining features like Push Mail, automatic downloads, background app refresh, and ‘Hey Siri’.
3. Turn off ‘Location’, or any apps tracking your location. You can find all the apps tracking your location in the Privacy settings of your iPhone.
4. Disable unnecessary notifications. Notifications also draw a lot of battery power.
5. Turn on the Airplane Mode. Keep your phone in Airplane Mode when you don’t have to take important calls or surf the internet.

Why Does My Phone Drain When Not in Use?

The reason your phone battery is draining may be because some apps are running in the background.

Go to the ‘Background App Refresh’ option under ‘Settings’ to turn them off.

Your battery may also drain when the phone is not in use if some apps are tracking your location. Most of the apps that track your location on the iPhone use a lot of power.

To prevent these apps from tracking your location, click on the Settings app and choose ‘Privacy’. Then select ‘Location Services’ to disable the apps.

Other reasons include when you use your phone while charging it or not disabling Push Mail.

How to check the Health of Your iPhone Battery

While most Android phones require you to dial a code to check the health of your battery, it’s simpler with an iPhone.

You only have to click on a few icons, and your phone will provide a detailed report of your battery health.

Here’s a guide to help you retrieve the information on the health of your battery:

  • Tap on the Settings app
  • Then, click on ‘Battery’
  • Now, select ‘Battery Health’. You will find a data analysis of your battery health, and suggestions to help you improve your battery performance.

If your battery is worn out, the report will recommend that you replace your existing battery.

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iPhone Battery Charging Tips

Here are simple tips for charging your iPhone battery effectively:

  • Remove your iPhone from its case while charging, especially if your phone often overheats when you charge it.
  • If you intend to store your iPhone away for a long time, don’t charge it up to 100%.
  • Avoid using your phone while charging it.
  • Charge your iPhone with an original charger.

Final Words

iPhones are beautiful, quality, and something of a personality statement-but they are extremely expensive.

And that is why most people, including you, research the phone’s battery life before committing over $1k to buying one.

We hope that this comprehensive article has answered, if not all, most of your iPhone battery questions.

As new information about iPhone batteries become available, we will update this article to reflect the new realities.