How Long Does a Verizon Backup Battery Last?

Verizon has always made its users addicted to their gadgets. With the use of fiber optic cables, Verizon, through the FIOS system, has been able to send data to many homes.

Verizon’s FIOS system supports voice services at exceptional speeds. But this can take a toll on your router battery.

Thankfully, Verizon has a Backup Battery Unit that would help you enjoy your data services for a long time.

In this article, we look at what these batteries are used for and how long they last. We’ll also identify some common problems with this device and how to handle them.

How Long Does the Verizon Battery Backup Last?

Aside from its durability, this battery backup can last up to 8 hours. Now, on a side note, the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) can last you over 10 hours.

Hence with Verizon, you will have more time to stay online and the ability to make a call, in case of emergencies.

The backup battery contains a 12-volt 7aH battery that can serve you for over 6 years. This feature has made this brand more preferable than others.

After some years of usage, it can still power the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) for 4 hours. Aside from age, the battery strength could be reduced because of overcharging or exposure to extreme temperatures.

How Long Does a Verizon Backup Battery Last

What Is the Verizon Backup Battery For?

The Verizon Backup Battery provides backup power solely for voice services. It excludes internet services and other unnecessary features that may not be considered essential during emergencies.

In cases of a power outage, the Battery Backup Unit will help you stay connected. This unit will provide you with the power needed to make calls from your home phone during emergencies.

How Do I Reset My Verizon Battery Backup?

To reset the Verizon battery backup, you simply detach the electrical cord from the wall outlet. After doing this, reconnect the plug to the wall outlet and wait for a minute as the Optical Network Terminal resets itself.

Alternatively, you can also locate the router and press the reset button while it is being powered on. Hold the reset button for approximately 15 seconds and wait for the device to fully reset itself.

Resetting your battery backup would help with its functionality. However, there are a few things you should know.

First, to avoid problems with your FIOS system, it’s best if you keep your router plugged in (at all times).

Even if you’re not using it, turning on your router will help your system to function properly. Second, ensure you’re removing the power cord that provides power to your system.

You may confuse your power cord for a coaxial cord. The coaxial cable will not reset the system.

Since many issues can occur, if you notice that the coaxial cable is not connected properly, fix it. Aside from that, don’t disconnect that cable.

Third, if you reset your set-box more than three times in a week, contact customer support. It could be a hardware issue.

Fourth, resetting your battery backup device doesn’t erase the settings you’ve already programmed on your router. All your favorite channels and selections would be saved and available after the reset.

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How Do I Stop My Verizon Backup Battery from Beeping?

The intermittent and continuous beeps signify the end of your battery’s life. At other times, it may signify the power outlet is faulty.

But mostly, it shows the battery life has reached its end, and you need a replacement. This non-ending beep will keep on disturbing you until you find a solution to it.

To stop your Verizon battery from beeping, go to your battery backup unit. Locate the alarm silent button and hold for about 10 seconds.

This would be followed by a loud beep with a series of light flashes indicating that it has been turned off. If the flashes fail to occur, press and hold both the alarm silent button and the emergency use button for 10 seconds.

The beep will cease after that. If you want to solve this issue temporarily, this should be your best option. However, it only lasts 24 hours.

After that, the cycle continues again until a permanent solution is put in place. Another way to stop this sound is to disconnect and reconnect the battery from the wall outlet.

You can do this by removing the electrical cord of the battery’s backup unit from the wall outlet. This method gives the unit the false impression that the battery is replaced.

If an older or faulty battery is still present with you, you then replace it with the current one. It would keep you going until you purchase a new battery that could be purchased from Verizon’s accessory stores.

These methods are the most effective ways of stopping the beeps from your Verizon backup battery device.

Will Verizon Replace My Backup Battery?

Verizon backup batteries should last for a particular time without discharge.

Occasionally, these batteries may be faulty and may go flat more quickly. Depending on the conditions, you may get a free replacement.

First, you need to get all the necessary documents. This may include contracts, original packaging, and other materials from Verizon.

If you’re looking for a replacement, you need to have everything you got when you purchased the product.

Second, check the terms and conditions of your contract.

This contract may state that you could return your battery backup after 30 days or they may offer a warranty.  It’s also important that you troubleshoot your battery.

You need to know if it’s your hardware or the battery itself. The customer support at Verizon would ask for this.

You could try swapping your battery to another router to verify your claim. In case you lost your documents, you can order a battery replacement.

You can do this at any of the Verizon accessory store outlets that are close to you. Users can also access their online accessory stores on or their Twitter homepage @Verizon Support.

You could also buy a replacement battery from a third-party vendor, but you must be sure that you’re buying from a reliable source.

The battery is a 12v 7ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery, which is the only model used in the battery backup unit.

Please note, you don’t need to buy a new battery if you’re still within the warranty offer. If your battery develops a bug, impairment, or any other fault during the warranty period, Verizon will replace your battery with no charges.

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Is the Battery Covered Under Verizon Insurance?

The Verizon Extended Warranty Program makes provisions for battery replacement. It provides unlimited repairs and replacements for electrical and mechanical bugs.

This insurance also covers faults, glitches, impairments, and other malfunctions you may have encountered before the warranty period expires. The Verizon Insurance Program also protects users against device damages, loss, and theft.

This plan is offered through third-party insurance companies. The cost varies, and the amount is deductible depending on the brand, device, and model.