How to Remote Start Subaru Forester with Key Fob or Mobile device

Have you ever experienced a cold winter morning where you trudge through the snow to get to your car, start it up, and wait for it to warm up before you can drive? This can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially if you’re in a rush.

Fortunately, if you own a Subaru Forester, you can remote start your vehicle with just a push of a button on your key fob or even your mobile device. Now, you may be thinking about how to remote start Subaru Forester with a key fob or mobile device.

To remote start your Subaru Forester using the key fob, you have to press and hold the lock/unlock button for at least 3 seconds until the Subaru Forester starts. To start your Subaru Forester using a mobile device, you can use the Subaru STARLINK Remote Engine Start app.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of remotely starting your Subaru Forester using your key fob or mobile device, so you can enjoy a warm and comfortable drive every time.

What is Key Fob, and How Does it Work on Subaru Forester?

A key fob is a small, handheld device that allows drivers to remotely unlock and lock their car doors, activate the car alarm, and perform other functions such as opening the trunk or starting the engine.

On a Subaru Forester, the key fob communicates with the car’s onboard computer using radio frequency signals. When the driver presses a button on the key fob, it sends a unique signal to the car’s computer, performing the requested action. For example, the car’s doors are unlocked when the driver presses the “Unlock” button on the key fob.

In addition to its basic functions, some Subaru Forester key fobs include features such as remote engine start, which allows the driver to start the car from a distance, and a panic button, which activates the car’s alarm system to deter potential thieves.

Advantages of Using Remote Start Subaru Forester with Key Fob or Mobile device

Using a remote start feature on a Subaru Forester can provide several advantages, both in terms of convenience and safety. Here are some key benefits of using the remote start feature with a key fob or mobile device.

  • Convenience: One of the primary advantages of using the remote start feature is its added convenience. Instead of getting into a cold or hot car, drivers can start the engine from a distance and let the car warm up or cool down before getting inside.
  • Comfort: In addition to making the car more comfortable, using the remote start feature can also help to prolong the life of the car’s interior components. By starting the engine and letting the air conditioning or heating system run for a few minutes, drivers can ensure that the car’s cabin is comfortable before getting in.
  • Safety: The remote start feature can also improve safety by allowing drivers to warm up the engine and defrost the windows before setting out on a cold morning. This can improve visibility and reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Security: Many remote start systems include security features that can help to deter theft. For example, some systems will automatically lock the doors when the engine is started or will sound the car’s alarm if the car is tampered with.
  • Mobile App Integration: Some remote start systems can be controlled using a mobile app, which allows drivers to start the engine from a distance using their smartphone. This can be particularly useful when the driver is not within range of the key fob.

How to Remote Start Subaru Forester with Key Fob?

Remote start enables you to start your car vehicle from a distance using a key fob. This feature is particularly useful during extreme weather conditions as it can help you warm up or cool down your vehicle before you get in. Here are the steps to remote start Subaru Forester with a key fob.

Step 1: Ensure the Car is Locked

The first step is to ensure that the car is locked. If the car is not locked, the remote start function will not work. Therefore, you should lock the car using the key fob before attempting to start the engine remotely.

Step 2: Press and Hold the Engine Start Button

To remote start your Subaru Forester, press and hold the engine start button on your key fob. Hold the button for about three seconds until the engine starts. When the engine starts, the car will run for approximately ten minutes before it turns off automatically.

Step 3: If the Engine Does Not Start

If the engine does not start, you should check the battery level of your key fob. A low battery level can cause the remote start function to malfunction. If the battery level is low, replace the battery and try again.

Step 4: Turn off the Engine

If you want to turn off the engine while the car is running, press the engine start button on your key fob again. The engine will turn off, and the car will be locked automatically.

How to Remote Start Subaru Forester with Mobile device?

If you have a Subaru Forester with a remote start system that can be controlled using a mobile device, here are the steps to follow to use this feature:

  1. Install the App: First, you will need to download the app for your remote start system. Subaru may provide this app, or it may be a third-party app developed by the manufacturer of your remote start system.
  2. Connect to Your Vehicle: Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to connect it. This typically involves entering the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and other details about your car.
  3. Enable Remote Start: Once you have connected the app to your vehicle, you should be able to enable the remote start feature. This may involve selecting the “Remote Start” option from the app’s home screen, or it may be located in a separate menu.
  4. Start the engine: To start the engine remotely, select the “Start” option from the app. This will send a signal to your car’s onboard computer to start the engine. Depending on the system, you may need to hold down the button for a few seconds or tap it multiple times to activate the remote start.
  5. Confirm the Engine is Running: After starting the engine remotely, you should receive a confirmation message on the app that the engine is running. This can provide peace of mind and ensure the car is ready to go when you arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we’ve talked about some commonly asked questions about remote start Subaru Forester with key fob or mobile device. You may find the answers helpful.

1. Do All Subaru Forester Models Come With A Remote Start Feature?

No, not all Subaru Forester models come with a remote start feature. This is typically an optional feature that must be added to the vehicle at the time of purchase.

2. Can I Use My Key Fob To Start The Engine Remotely?

It depends on the remote start system that is installed in your car. Some systems allow you to start the engine using the key fob, while others require a mobile app.

3. Can I Use The Remote Start Feature If My Car Is Parked In A Garage?

Yes, you can use the remote start feature if your car is parked in a garage. However, it is important to ensure adequate ventilation in the garage to prevent carbon monoxide buildup. You should also never leave the car unattended while the engine is running.


Starting a Subaru Forester with your key Fob or Mobile device is not as difficult as it may seem. With the right instructions and a little bit of patience, anyone can easily remote start their Subaru Forester in no time at all.

Following the step-by-step instructions provided above on how to remote start Subaru Forester with key fob or mobile device, you’ll be able to set up your vehicle’s remote start system with your key Fob or Mobile device.

This will allow you to control your car’s temperature, security, and convenience wherever you are. With the right tool, you can ensure your Subaru Forester is always ready for the road ahead.