How to Reset GMC Acadia AC [Step-by-Step Guide]

You’ve just discovered that resetting the AC in your GMC Acadia is one of the fastest ways to fix the AC. But you don’t know how to perform the reset.

After reading this article, you’ll be able to reset your AC, as we’ll provide detailed instructions for resetting the AC. I’ll also suggest other ways to fix the faults in the system.

GMC Acadia Dashbaord

Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to reset the AC in a GMC Acadia car.

Steps to Reset GMC Acadia AC

Follow these steps to reset the AC in your GMC Acadia:

  1. Turn off your engine.
  2. Locate your hood and open it.
  3. Locate the HVAC/ECAS fuse in the under-hood fuse panel using the fuse diagram in your car.
  4. Remove the fuse and wait 10 seconds. Then re-insert the fuse.
  5. Now, get into your car.
  6. Turn on your ignition, but don’t start the engine.
  7. Wait 40 seconds for your AC to self-calibrate before switching on your engine.
  8. You have completed the reset.

Causes of AC Problems in Your GMC Acadia Vehicle

Refrigerant Leak

One of the common problems in GMC Acadia ACs is that the system blows warm air. This problem is usually caused by a refrigerant leak.

The air in your AC is originally warm. Your AC deposits the heat in its interiors into your refrigerant gas to make the air cooler.

But as you keep using your car, the parts of your AC may weaken and start leaking. When this happens, most of the refrigerant gas will escape the system. As a result, the air in your AC will remain warm, leaving the system with no choice but to release warm air.

To solve this issue, you’ll need to locate the leak and repair the affected area. You can use UV light and UV dye to find the leak. If the leak is small, close it up with a sealant. However, if the leak is large, you’ll need to ask a professional to fix it.

Dirty Cabin Filter

If you feel like your AC only blows a little air, your cabin filter might be dirty.

The cabin filter is the first point of contact for air entering your AC. This filter removes dirt from the outside air, letting only clean air pass into other parts of the AC. All the debris extracted by the cabin filter is stored in the filter.

Over time, this dirt will accumulate and block the surface of the cabin filter. This means that only a little air will move through the AC into your car’s seating area.

If you changed your cabin filter recently, you should be able to fix this problem by cleaning the filter. However, if you’ve been using the same filter for over 10,000 miles, you’ll need to replace it.

Clogged Evaporator

Another reason the AC in your GMC Acadia car may not work properly is a clogged evaporator. You can tell that your evaporator is dirty if the air from the AC smells bad, or the system doesn’t blow air smoothly.

When air leaves the cabin filter, it moves into the evaporator. Unfortunately, some of the dirt from the filter may also accompany the air into the evaporator. With time, this debris will build up and block the spaces in the evaporator.

On a good day, your evaporator is supposed to remove the heat in your AC, so the air becomes cooler. But if the evaporator is dirty, it won’t be able to do its job.

The excess heat in the AC will make the system stuffy, thus causing it to emit an unpleasant odor. In addition, the blocked spaces in the evaporator will reduce the quantity of air that moves into your car.

To fix this issue, you’ll need to clean your evaporator. The evaporator in the GMC Acadia is located behind the dashboard.

Dirty Condenser

If your AC is blowing hot air, your condenser might be dirty.

Your condenser works together with your evaporator to ensure that the air in your AC stays cool. As the evaporator transfers the heat into the refrigerant gas, the condenser collects the heat and releases it outside your AC.

Sadly, dirt from your cabin filter can also reach the condenser and block its surfaces. And when this happens, the condenser may be unable to collect or release heat. This means that the heat will stay in your AC.

Your AC can’t cool air properly if it still contains heat. So, the system will end up releasing warm air.

You can fix your dirty condenser by cleaning it with a shop vac. Search for your condenser behind your front bumper.

Broken compressor

Do you feel like the air from your AC isn’t cool enough? Then your air compressor may have gone bad.

Even after your evaporator and condenser have removed the heat in your AC, the AC’s indoor air won’t be cool enough. At best, it may have reached room temperature.

The role of your compressor is to make the air in your AC cold. To produce cold air, your compressor needs to convert the coolant in your system into moisture. This cold liquid creates the freezing air your AC releases.

After several years of using your car, your compressor will get damaged. When this happens, your AC will only be able to release air at room temperature.

If you suspect that your compressor is broken, change it. You’ll find your compressor under the passenger side of your car.

Faulty Blower Motor

If some parts of your GMC Acadia car are colder than others when the AC is on, you probably have a faulty blower motor. Another way to tell if your blower motor is defective is to check for weird noises in the dashboard.

The blower motor in your car is responsible for circulating air through your vehicle. This is why the airflow from your vents becomes uneven when the blower motor goes bad.

The only way to fix a bad blower motor is to replace it. Search for your blower motor underneath the passenger-side dashboard.

Faulty blend door actuator

Sometimes, your AC may blow warm air on the passenger side and cold air on the driver’s side, or vice versa. This issue is more common than you think, and it just means that one of your blend door actuators is broken. The faulty blend door actuator is the one that releases warm air when you turn on your AC.

Most GMC Acadia cars have a dual-zone climate control system. This means that each side of the vehicle has its separate blend door actuator, which controls its temperature.

In normal conditions, these blend door actuators close the heater core when the AC is on. Likewise, the actuators open up the heater core when you turn on your heater.

But like other components in the AC, the blend door actuators can develop faults and stop working. When this happens, the affected actuator will get stuck in its current mode. And it will keep blowing warm air even if you switch from your heater to your AC.

You can resolve this issue by resetting your AC. If the reset fails to fix the problem, replace the broken blend door actuator.

Other Ways to Troubleshoot Your GMC Acadia AC

Resetting your GMC Acadia AC isn’t the only way to fix problems in the system. You can also troubleshoot issues in your AC by doing the following:

Repair Refrigerant Leaks

If your AC keeps blowing warm air, you may need to fix the refrigerant leak in the system.

You’ll need UV dye, a UV light and glasses, an A/C recharge hose, and refrigerant.

Here’s how to find and fix a refrigerant leak in your GMC Acadia:

  • Locate your low-pressure AC hose behind your compressor.
  • Pour some UV dye into the AC recharge hose. Then connect the recharge hose to the opening on the low-pressure side.
  • Screw your freon can into the end of the recharge hose.
  • Next, you need to jumpstart your compressor, so it can suck in the freon.
  • To do this, remove the sensor connected to your low-pressure side. Then use a staple to link the two sides of the sensor and re-plug it to your low-pressure side.
  • Start your engine and set the AC to MAX.
  • Go back to your engine bay.
  • Turn over your freon can to make sure the freon moves into your AC. Then wait 15 minutes.
  • Now, turn on your UV light and inspect your AC system.
  • Look for areas that turn green under UV light. The green areas are the leaky parts in the AC.
  • If the leak is tiny, you can fix it by applying a sealant and tape on the area.

However, if the leak is large, you’ll need to ask a professional to fix it.

Clean Your Cabin Filter

Another way to troubleshoot AC issues in your car is to clean your cabin filter.

Follow these steps to clean the cabin filter in your GMC Acadia:

  • Open the glove box on your passenger-side dashboard.
  • Twist the stoppers on each side of the glove box. Then pull out the glove box.
  • You should see the cabin filter cover now.
  • Press the tabs on the cover, and slide the cabin filter out. Then mix some water and soap into a spray bottle.
  • Spray the mixture over the filter.
  • Next, use a brush with soft bristles to scrub out the dirt in the cabin filter.
  • Connect a water hose to a running tap.
  • Use the water from the hose to rinse off the soap on the cabin filter.
  • Leave the filter to dry.
  • Finally, re-insert your cabin filter into your dashboard.
  • Place the glove box back on the dashboard and close it.

Clean Your Evaporator

Does the air from your AC give off a bad smell? Then, you’ll need to clean your evaporator.

Unlike in other cars, the GMC Acadia’s evaporator is located behind the dashboard. So, you have to remove your entire dashboard to access your evaporator.

If you aren’t an expert, you may damage some electrical connections while trying to dismantle the dashboard. That’s why we recommend hiring a professional to clean the evaporator instead of doing it yourself.

Clean Your Condenser

If the air from your AC is blazing hot, you should consider cleaning your condenser.

Here’s how to clean the condenser in a GMC Acadia:

  • Recover the refrigerant in your vehicle to prevent damage to your AC system.
  • Make sure your engine has cooled down.
  • Remove all the screws and clips holding your front bumper to your car. Then detach the front bumper from the car.
  • You should see your condenser now.
  • Use a shop vac to blow out debris from the condenser.
  • Spray your condenser with a coil cleaner.
  • Leave the cleaner on your condenser for 5 minutes.
  • Now, rinse off the condenser with a water hose.
  • Wait for your condenser to dry. Then reconnect your front bumper to your car and install the screws onto the bumper.

Replace Your Compressor

Replacing the compressor in your GMC Acadia car is another way to fix your AC issue. This solution works best when the air from the AC isn’t cold enough.

Follow these steps to change the AC compressor in your GMC Acadia:

  • Ask your auto technician to remove the refrigerant in your system first.
  • Open your hood.
  • Use a 10-mm socket and a ratchet to remove the bolts linking your low-pressure hose to your compressor.
  • You’ll find three of these bolts at the front of the engine bay.
  • The last bolt should be located above the compressor.
  • Remove the front wheel on your passenger side.
  • Move under your car.
  • You’ll see a metal flap covering the compressor clutch.
  • Pull out the pushpins on the flap. Then push the flap to the side to access your compressor.
  • Next, you need to remove your tensioner belt.
  • Before you detach the belt, take a picture of it.
  • This will help you remember how the belt should be positioned on the compressor.
  • Use a socket and ratchet to loosen the left tensioner arm.
  • You should be able to release the tensioner belt now.
  • Remove all the screws on the compressor with a 13-mm socket.
  • Take out your old compressor and install the new one.

Change Your Blower Motor

You can also fix the AC issues in your GMC Acadia by changing the blower motor.

Take these steps to replace the blower motor on your GMC Acadia:

  • Remove the kick panel under your passenger dashboard.
  • This will reveal your blower motor.
  • You’ll notice a connector holding the motor to the kick panel.
  • Press the tab on the connector to disconnect your blower motor from the panel.
  • Next, you need to detach the electrical connector on the blower motor from your dash.
  • Push the tab on the connector to remove it from the dashboard.
  • Now, try pulling out your blower motor.
  • If you can’t remove the blower motor, search for a tab beside it.
  • Once you find the tab, press it.
  • You should be able to release your old blower motor now.
  • Get your new blower motor.
  • Remove the electrical connector from the old blower motor and attach it to the new blower motor.
  • Now, install the new blower motor.
  • Connect all the items you’ve removed back to the dashboard.

Replace Your Bad Blend Door Actuator

If your AC only works on one side, chances are you have a faulty blend door actuator. The way to fix this issue is to check what side of the AC is blowing warm air and replace the actuator there. This might be the driver’s side or passenger’s side blend door actuator.

We’ll share how to replace both actuators below.

Here’s how to replace the driver’s side blend door actuator in your GMC Acadia:

  • Locate the kick panel under your driver’s side dashboard.
  • Use a trim tool to remove the pushpins under the kick panel. Then slide out the panel.
  • As soon as you detach the panel, you’ll notice a plug linking it to the dashboard.
  • Twist this connector to detach it from the kick panel.
  • You’ll see your heater box now.
  • Use your fingers to search for the blend door actuator beside the heater box.
  • You should find a connector linked to the actuator.
  • Press the tab on this connector to disconnect it from the actuator.
  • Pull out the T20 screws on it. Then detach your old blend door actuator.
  • Insert the new blend door actuator into the dashboard.

Follow these steps to change the passenger’s side blend door actuator in your GMC Acadia:

  • Open your glove box.
  • Remove the screws holding the glove box to the dashboard. Then pull out the box.
  • This will reveal your blend door actuator.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the safety clip on the actuator’s harness.
  • Next, detach the wiring connector from the actuator.
  • You can now remove all the mounting screws on the blend door actuator.
  • Release your actuator from your dashboard.
  • Install the new blend door actuator.
  • Finally, re-insert all the screws you’ve removed and your glove box into your dashboard.

Cost of Fixing the AC in a GMC Acadia Vehicle

The cost of fixing the AC in a GMC Acadia car depends on the extent of damage in the system. If all your AC needs is a recharge, the repair might cost you less than $200. However, you may need to spend up to $1,215 for major issues like compressor replacements.

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Wrapping Up

In most cases, resetting your AC will fix the issue in the system. However, if your AC doesn’t work properly after the reset, try the other solutions in this article.

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