Jeep Liberty Blower Motor Not Working [How to Fix]

When the blower motor in your Jeep Liberty stops working, you won’t get any air in your car. If this issue occurs in winter or summer, you can’t even pull your windows down for fear of a heatwave or frostbite. That’s why you must fix your blower motor immediately after it becomes inactive.

In this post, I’ll show you how to fix your blower motor when it stops working.

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But first, you should know why the blower motor isn’t working.

What Causes a Jeep Liberty Blower Motor to Stop Working?

Common reasons why the Jeep Liberty blower motor stops working are a faulty relay, a blown fuse, and bad wires. That said, a blower motor may also stop working because of a bad blower motor resistor or a faulty climate control unit.

Keep reading to learn how to fix these issues.

How to Fix Jeep Liberty Blower Motor that Stops Working

Replace the Blown Fuse in Your Car

When a fuse in your Jeep Liberty gets blown, the vehicle develops a short circuit. As a result, your blower motor won’t get enough electrical current. The blower motor can’t work if it doesn’t get an adequate electricity supply.

Locate your blower motor’s fuse. The fuse that controls your blower motor may be located in the fuse panel underneath your hood or the fuse box below your steering. You’ll find the exact location of the fuse in your owner’s manual.

Once you spot your blower motor’s fuse, use a needle nose plier to pull it out. Then, hold the fuse against the sunlight. If the metal strip in the fuse is broken at the center, the fuse is blown.

In that case, you’ll need to replace the fuse. Make sure the replacement fuse has the same color and amperage as the old fuse. Then, insert the fuse into its proper position. Your fuse will work no matter what direction you insert it.

After replacing the blown fuse, check if the blower motor is working. If it doesn’t work, try the next tip.

Replace Your Blower Motor Relay

The role of the blower motor relay in your Jeep Liberty is to turn the blower motor on and off. So, if the relay is bad, your blower motor won’t work.

The only way to fix this issue is to replace your blower motor relay. Use the wiring diagram in your owner’s manual to locate the relay.

Before you change your relay, confirm that it is faulty.

Here’s how to test your blower motor relay:

  • Disconnect your negative battery terminal.
  • Remove your blower motor relay from its pin terminal.
  • Swap it with another relay of similar amperage.
  • If the other relay turns on your blower motor, the blower motor relay is faulty.
  • Once you’ve confirmed that your blower motor relay is bad, change it.

Please note that some Jeep Liberty vehicles with auto climate control systems don’t have blower motor relays.

Is your Jeep Liberty blower motor working now? If not, continue to the next step.

Change Your Blower Motor Resistor

A blower motor resistor controls the speed of your blower motor by matching it to your fan’s speed. When this resistor goes bad, your blower motor might be on, but it won’t move. This might make you think the blower motor isn’t working.

You can tell that your blower motor resistor is faulty by testing it with a multimeter. To do this, insert the probes on the multimeter into your connector and turn on your AC fan.

If the voltage count on the multimeter indicates zero volts, or it only shows volts at one fan speed, the resistor is faulty. As such, you’ll need to replace your blower motor resistor.

The tools you need to change your blower motor resistor are a 90-degree pick, an 8mm socket, and a ratchet.

Follow these steps (video below) to replace the blower motor resistor in your Jeep Liberty:

  • Open your glove box.
  • Push the glove box on both sides. Then pull it down.
  • Your blower motor resistor is located on the left side of the cabin behind the glovebox.
  • Use your 90-degree pick to pry out the red clip below the harness on your resistor. This will release the harness from the dashboard.
  • Pull out the harness.
  • Next, use your 8mm socket and ratchet to remove the bolts holding down the resistor.
  • You should be able to detach the blower resistor from the dashboard now.
  • Insert your new blower motor resistor.
  • Tighten the screws you’ve just removed onto the resistor.
  • Place your harness back onto the resistor.
  • Use the 90-degree pick to push in the red clip on the harness.
  • Re-insert your glove box and close it.

Once you’ve replaced the blower motor resistor in your Jeep Liberty, check if the blower motor is working. If it isn’t, try the next tip.

Replace the Connector on Your Blower Motor

When it rains, water may leak into your Jeep Liberty and corrode your blower motor’s wires. Rodents can also sneak through the gaps in your vehicle and bite the insulation on your wires.

If the wires on your blower motor are rusty or broken, they won’t deliver sufficient electrical current to the blower motor. This can cause your blower motor to stay off.

Check your blower motor’s wires for signs of rust or bite marks. If you see these signs on the wires, you’ll need to replace the connector on the blower motor. A new connector comes with new wires that can restore functionality to your blower motor.

Take these steps to replace the connector on your blower motor:

  • Go under your glove box.
  • You’ll see your blower motor behind a panel.
  • First, you need to remove the panel.
  • Use a Phillips screwdriver to pull out the screws on the panel. Then pull the panel forward.
  • Check the left side of the blower motor for the connector.
  • Press the red clip behind the connector.
  • Disconnect your connector from the blower motor.
  • Use a plier to cut off the connector.
  • Make sure to leave a piece of the connector’s wires still attached to your dashboard.
  • Now, get your new connector.
  • If the wires on the new connector are too long, trim off a small piece with your pliers.
  • The next step is to splice the old wires with the wires on the new connector.
  • Use a trim tool to remove some of the coating on both wires. Then insert heat shrinks on the wires to protect the joint.
  • Now, place the connector’s wires on the old wires and twist them together.
  • Once you’ve spliced these wires properly, use a soldering iron to solder the joints.
  • Remember the heat shrink you placed on those wires? Slide them down to cover the soldered joint.
  • Plug the new connector into your blower motor.

Your blower motor should be working now. But if it isn’t, move on to the next tip.

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Replace Your Blower Motor

Sometimes, your blower motor may fail to work even when all its components are working properly. This might occur because the blower motor is broken.

When your blower motor is faulty, you may hear whirring noises from the dashboard. But this sign isn’t enough to confirm that your blower motor is defective. Other AC components, like the blend door actuator, can produce weird noises from the dashboard when they go bad.

A more effective way to test your Jeep Liberty blower motor is to connect it to a 12-volt battery with an alligator test cable. If your blower motor doesn’t spin after you’ve linked it to the battery, the device has gone bad.

You can solve this problem by replacing your blower motor. The blower motor in your Jeep Liberty is located under the glove box.

The only tools you need to replace the blower in your Jeep Liberty are a Phillips screwdriver and a blower motor.

Use this guide to replace the blower motor in your Jeep Liberty:

  • Move under your glove box.
  • You’ll see your blower motor hidden behind a panel.
  • Use your Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws on the panel. Then pull out the panel.
  • Next, press the red clip behind the connector plugged into the blower motor. Then disconnect the connector.
  • You’ll notice a tab on the blower motor.
  • Push this tab and twist your blower motor in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • This will release the blower motor from your glove box.
  • Take out your old blower motor and get the new one.
  • Line up the tab on your blower motor with the tab on its outlet.
  • Now, twist the blower motor in a clockwise direction.
  • This should lock the blower motor into the outlet.
  • Re-insert the blower motor connector.
  • Put the panel you removed earlier back into place.

If your new blower motor doesn’t work, don’t give up. Try the final tip.

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Replace Your Climate Control Unit

A bad climate control unit may seem like the least likely reason a blower motor may stop working. But it’s just as much a culprit as the rest of the problems here. This is because your blower motor resistor relies on the climate control unit to provide information about the fan’s speed.

If the climate control is faulty, it may indicate that the fan is off when it is still running. In response, the blower motor resistor will keep the blower motor immobile.

If you hear your blower motor turn on, but it doesn’t blow air, chances are your climate control unit is faulty. As such, you’ll need to replace your climate control unit.

We don’t recommend a DIY replacement for your climate control unit. If you replace your climate control unit without the necessary expertise, you might damage some electrical connections in your vehicle.

Hire a professional to replace your climate control unit if you suspect the system is faulty.

Wrapping Up

If your Jeep Liberty blower motor stops working, try solving the problem with simple fixes like a fuse replacement or a relay change. Only resort to replacing your blower motor or blower motor resistor if the simple fixes fail.

However, if the blower motor doesn’t resume working after you’ve tried all the tips here, contact your dealer.