Lincoln Town Car Climate Control Problems [Plus Fixes]

Are you taking your Lincoln Town Car on a road trip this winter? Then, you want to ensure that the climate control is in excellent condition before starting the journey. If you’re hearing a weird noise from the system, or it isn’t blowing air, now’s the time to fix it.

Keep reading to learn the common problems with Lincoln Town Car Climate Control and how to resolve them.

1996 Lincoln Town Car

If you’re planning to buy a new Lincoln Town Car, you’ll also know which models to select or avoid.

Common Problems with Lincoln Town Car Climate Control

If your Lincoln Town Car climate control system is bad, here are some common issues you may experience:

1. AC not blowing air

The easiest way to tell if your Lincoln Town Car has climate control issues is if the AC doesn’t blow air occasionally. When you turn on the AC, you may hear the vents opening up, but you won’t feel air coming through them. After a while, the AC may start blowing air again.

The major culprit for this issue is the blower speed control module. This component is responsible for blowing air from the AC into your vehicle.

If you’ve been using your Lincoln Town Car for a while, the blower speed control module may start malfunctioning. To resolve this problem, you’ll need to replace your blower speed control module. You can find the blower speed control module on the lower part of the passenger’s side dashboard.

Nevertheless, you should know that a faulty blower speed control module isn’t the only reason your AC may stop blowing air. Other reasons include a blown fuse or dirty contacts on the fuse panel.

So, before you change your blower speed control module, you may want to confirm that the component is faulty. A quick way to do this is to lightly bang on your AC with a screwdriver. If the AC starts blowing air after the bang, your blower speed control module is faulty.

But if you don’t get any air after you’ve hit the AC, you need to check the fuses on the under-dash fuse panel. If you find any blown fuse, change it. Make sure you clean the contacts on the panel before re-inserting the fuses.

Your AC shouldn’t stop blowing air after you’ve applied this solution.

2. Heat keeps going on and off

If the heat in your Lincoln Town Car keeps going on and on, there might be something wrong with your climate control system. Usually, this problem occurs when the car is idling.

Once you start driving again, the heat may stay on and start running on full blast. If you try to turn the heat down at this time, it may not work. The heat may go off again after you’ve driven the car for several minutes.

When it turns back on, it will only last for a few seconds before going off. This cycle may continue until you turn the engine off.

If you face this issue while using your Lincoln Town Car, you’ll need to do a self-test on the vehicle. You can visit: to find the instructions on how to conduct a self-test on your car.

After completing the self-test, you may get the error code ‘2’ or ‘3’. This means that your blend door actuator is faulty.

Once you replace the actuator, the heat in your car should start working properly. You’ll find your blend door actuator at the center of the under-dash area.

3. AC compressor not working

Another common indicator of a climate control problem in your Lincoln Town Car is if the AC compressor doesn’t work when you turn on the climate control system. When this issue occurs, you may feel power going into your climate control system, but you won’t sense any flow of power to the AC.

The AC Compressor may stop working due to a burnt contact on the EATC (Electric Automatic Temperature Control) module.

You can resolve this issue by soldering the affected contact on the EATC module. Your EATC module is located at the center of the dashboard. Detach the module from the car before soldering the contacts on it.

If you don’t know how to use a soldering pen, take your Lincoln Town Car to your mechanic.

4. Climate control doesn’t blow through floor vent

You can tell that your Lincoln Town Car climate control system is problematic if it won’t blow air through the floor vents. In this case, your blower motor may stop working whenever you try to turn on the floor vents.

This issue often points to a problem in the thermal blower lockout. To eliminate this issue, you’ll need to connect the vacuum lines in your heater hose with a short jumper wire.

You can find the heater hose near the center of the passenger side valve cover. Apart from the two vacuum lines on the heater hose, the hose also contains two electrical wires. Remove these electrical wires before jumping the vacuum lines.

After jumping the vacuum lines, seal them. This will prevent the thermal blower lockout from leaking in the future.

5. Climate control not blowing hot air

A sure way to determine whether your Lincoln Town Car has climate control problems is to check if it can blow hot air. If your climate control system doesn’t release hot air when you turn on the heat, your air temperature sensor might be faulty. Changing your temperature sensor should fix this issue.

To replace your air temperature sensor, detach the upper dash panel from your dashboard. Your air temperature sensor is the blue object you find behind the panel. Take out the old temperature sensor and replace it with a new one.

There are cases where your climate control system won’t blow hot air even if it has a functional temperature sensor. So, you should confirm that your air temperature sensor is bad before changing it.

To test your temperature sensor, you’ll need to unplug and re-plug the vacuum hose to the blend door car actuator. The vacuum hose is located behind the glove box.

Flip the plastic objects beside the glove box until you can see the whole body of the box. Then, look for a gold-colored can with a clear or yellowish line attached to it. The yellowish line is your vacuum hose.

Remove the vacuum hose and re-insert it immediately. If the temperature in your car becomes extremely hot, your air temperature sensor is faulty.

However, if your Lincoln Town Car doesn’t get so hot after plugging back your vacuum hose into the gold can, your climate control system may have a serious issue. In that case, you’ll need to take your car to a mechanic for repair.

6. Climate control only blowing air through defrost vents

If your climate control system only blows air through the defrost vents, the system has an issue. In most cases, this problem occurs due to a vacuum leak in the climate control system.

Your Lincoln Town Car climate control system contains a mode door actuator that controls the direction of airflow in your car. Using pressure from the vacuum in the vehicle, the actuator blocks alternate vents, so that air only passes through one vent at a time.

When the vacuum starts leaking, the actuator loses its ability to perform its function. So, it leaves the defrost vent as a default and closes other vents. Your climate control system will only blow air through the defrost vents until you stop the vacuum leak.

You can prevent the vacuum in your vehicle from leaking by sealing the vacuum lines in your heater hose. Your heater hose is located near the middle of your passenger side valve cover.

You’ll see two electrical wires and two vacuum lines on the hose. Detach the electrical wires and connect the vacuum lines with a jumper wire. Then, seal the linked wires with a vacuum leak sealant before reattaching the electrical wires to the heater hose.

7. Climate control stopped working

If your Lincoln Town Car suddenly stops working, the device is problematic. An inactive climate control system often points to a blown fuse or a faulty EATC module.

To eliminate this problem, remove all the fuses in the fuse box and check if they are blown. Look for your fuse box below the steering wheel.

If you don’t see any blown fuses, your EATC module might be the culprit. In that case, clean the connections on the fuse box and re-insert the fuses.

Then, use a multimeter to check if there is still power on the wires connected to the EATC module. If there is no power on these wires, the EATC module might be dead. As such, you’ll need to replace the module.

8. Air temperature gets too hot, then too cold

Is the air in your Lincoln Town Car turning very hot, then suddenly becoming too cold? It could be a sign that your climate control system is malfunctioning.

You might be experiencing this problem because your driver and passenger blend door actuators are faulty.

While the driver blend door actuator is easy to remove, taking out the passenger blend door actuator can be a hassle. We recommend asking your mechanic to change both blend door actuators rather than replacing them yourself.

9. Passenger side won’t blow hot air on dual climate

If your passenger side doesn’t blow hot air when you turn on dual climate, your Lincoln Town Car climate control system may have a problem. In most cases, this issue occurs because the passenger-side blend door actuator is bad.

But if you aren’t sure the problem is from your passenger-side blend door actuator, you can run an EATC self-test on your climate control system. If the self-test returns a 2267, you have a faulty right-hand blend door actuator.

Lincoln Town Car Models with the Most Climate Control Problems

The Lincoln Town Car models with the most climate control problems are:

  • 2000 Lincoln Town Car
  • 2001 Lincoln Town Car states that the 2000 and 2001 Lincoln Town Car models received two complaints each about their climate control systems. In contrast, users of other model years barely gave any negative reports about their climate control systems.

Lincoln Town Car Models with the Least Climate Control Problems

The Lincoln Town Car models with the least climate control problems are the following:

  • 1981 Lincoln Town Car
  • 1982 Lincoln Town Car
  • 1983 Lincoln Town Car
  • 1984 Lincoln Town Car
  • 1987 Lincoln Town Car
  • 1992 Lincoln Town Car
  • 1993 Lincoln Town Car
  • 1994 Lincoln Town Car
  • 1995 Lincoln Town Car
  • 1996 Lincoln Town Car
  • 1997 Lincoln Town Car
  • 1998 Lincoln Town Car
  • 2002 Lincoln Town Car
  • 2003 Lincoln Town Car
  • 2004 Lincoln Town Car
  • 2005 Lincoln Town Car
  • 2006 Lincoln Town Car
  • 2007 Lincoln Town Car
  • 2008 Lincoln Town Car
  • 2009 Lincoln Town Car
  • 2010 Lincoln Town Car
  • 2011 Lincoln Town Car

According to, no user of these models reported climate control issues.

How Much Does It Cost to a Fix Lincoln Town Car Climate Control System?

Repairing climate control problems in your Lincoln Town Car may cost between $200 – $800.

Tips to Prevent Lincoln Town Car Climate Control Problems

  • Recharge your air conditioner twice a year.
  • Never park your car in areas without a shade.
  • Keep the interiors of your car clean.
  • Turn your AC off when you’re idling.
  • Don’t use any other refrigerant apart from the PAG (Polyalkylene glycol) oil.

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Wrapping Up

If you notice any of the signs above in your vehicle, fix them promptly. That said, you should note that this article doesn’t cover all the signs that indicate climate control problems in a Lincoln Town Car.

If you discover any issue in your vehicle that isn’t available here, reach out to your dealer. Your dealer will tell you whether the problem is something you should worry about.