Mazda 6 Fuel Pump Problems [Symptoms and Fixes]

If you experience an unexpected engine power surge, such as your Mazda 6 suddenly picking up speed and abruptly dropping, you could have a faulty fuel pump on your hands.

Unfortunately, this is just one of the many signs that your Mazda 6 fuel pump is bad and requires fixing or replacement.


In this post, we’ll go over the signs you may experience when your Mazda 6 Fuel pump is bad and how to go about the problems.

7 Signs Your Mazda 6 Fuel Pump is Bad

If your Mazda 6 fuel pump is bad, you will may get some of these signs:

1. Engine Surging

In some cases, when a fuel pump fails, it sends too much fuel to the engine. That is, it practically floods the engine with too much fuel.

This will cause engine or power surging. Your Mazda 6 will pick up speed and drop speed just as suddenly. This makes driving pretty dangerous to you and other road users.

Get your mechanic to check for a faulty fuel pump or fuel filter, which also creates similar problems. If necessary, replace the fuel pump and fuel filter, respectively.

2. Low Fuel Pressure

If your fuel pump can no longer push enough fuel to your engine, the pressure is low. You can purchase a pressure gauge to measure the pressure and confirm the health of your fuel pump. Your mechanic can help you if you are not a DIY enthusiast.

If the pressure is low—lower than the recommended fuel pressure in your owner’s manual—it means your fuel pump is faulty.

Your mechanic should replace the fuel pump with a new unit.

3. Overheating

When a fuel pump becomes defective, and nothing is done about it, it starts overheating.

Unfortunately, you may not notice this on time until your Mazda 6 runs for about 15 or 30 minutes and suddenly halts.

When the engine cools, it starts functioning normally again for a few more minutes before halting again. This will keep repeating itself unless you do something about it.

Get your Mazda 6 to an auto repair shop for proper diagnosis and replacement of the faulty fuel pump.

4. Whirring Noise from Your Mazda 6 Fuel Tank

Another sign that confirms your Mazda 6 fuel pump has failed is when you hear a humming or whirring noise from the fuel tank area.

The noise comes from your vehicle’s rear, indicating something could be wrong with your fuel pump.

Let your mechanic run diagnostic tests on your Mazda 6 to confirm whether the fuel pump is bad. If so, replace it with a new one.

5. Your Mazda 6 Refuses to Start or Stalls Unexpectedly and Won’t Restart

Another sign that your Mazda 6 fuel pump has failed is when your vehicle refuses to start.

If you’re already driving, your vehicle may suddenly stall while you’re in the middle of the road and refuse to restart. Unfortunately, this has been a common cause of accidents involving Mazda 6.

If this happens to you, switch on your emergency lights immediately. Do your best to coast your car to a safe spot off the road.

You may need to tow your vehicle to an auto repair shop in order to replace the defective fuel pump.

6. Low Fuel Efficiency

A faulty fuel pump can cause you to burn more gas than you normally do since the engine is supplied with too much fuel.

If you track the mileage you get between refills and notice significant drops, your fuel pump may be bad.

So, get your mechanic to run diagnostics to confirm the overall health of the fuel pump and replace it if found defective.

7. Check Engine Light Illuminates

If the check engine light illuminates on your dashboard, your fuel pump could be the culprit. While the check engine light also indicates other problems, a failing fuel pump could be the reason as well.

And your vehicle will stop functioning when the fuel pump fails.

Don’t wait until this happens. Instead, get your mechanic to check your Mazda 6 fuel pump and replace it if needed.

Can You Drive a Mazda 6 with a Bad Fuel Pump?

In some cases, driving with a bad fuel pump may be safe, but it could result in an overheated catalytic converter and engine.

If your fuel pump fails, you will be left stranded right in the middle of the road. But in most cases, your Mazda 6 won’t even start before initially driving if you already have a bad fuel pump.

Although it is not common, a fuel pump problem may involve leaks of vapors or gasoline. In this instance, it is quite unsafe to keep driving with a bad fuel pump. Get your vehicle checked by your mechanic immediately to avoid a fire accident.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Mazda 6 Fuel Pump?

According to RepairPal, the average cost of replacing a Mazda 6 fuel pump ranges from $929 to $1,070. In addition, labor costs range from $92 to $116, while components are priced from $837 to $954.

These price ranges do not include fees and taxes and do not factor in your specific Mazda 6 model year and unique location. Bear in mind that related repairs may be necessary, which have not been factored in. The price ranges are based on the age and number of Mazda 6 on the road.

Has Mazda Ever Recalled Any Mazda 6 Model Years for Fuel Pump Issues?

Mazda once recalled the 2018 Mazda 6 model in order to fix defective fuel pumps. The affected sedans would stall when the fuel pump fails while the vehicle is still in motion, which could cause a crash.

This was because the impeller inside the low-pressure fuel pump may crack, twist, and press out of shape, causing fuel pump failure. As a result, the Mazda 6 may also fail to start.

The problem was traced to a batch of over 2 million malfunctioning low-pressure fuel pumps that an automotive supplier called ‘Denso,’ installed on vehicles made by Mazda and other automobile makers.

Therefore, dealers will replace the faulty fuel pumps for free, with owner notification letters mailed in January 2022. In addition, Mazda will reimburse owners who already paid for the repair.

Tips to Make Your Mazda 6 Fuel Pump Last Longer

If you’d like to prolong the lifespan of your Mazda 6 fuel pump, follow these tips carefully:

  • Ensure you stick to Mazda’s scheduled maintenance appointments for your Mazda 6 model. Long-term damage can be pretty expensive to fix.
  • Get your mechanic to perform a simple pressure test to determine the health of your Mazda 6 fuel filter. Fuel filters prevent corrosion and abrasive sediments from entering and messing up with injectors and fuel pumps. If your Mazda 6 fuel filter fails the pressure test, replace it immediately.
  • If you need to replace your fuel pump, install a new fuel filter
  • Check the power supply to ensure it is operating normally. A significant drop in voltage in the fuel pump circuit can result in overheating.
  • When fixing the fuel pump, check the fuel tank fasteners for excessive corrosion and replace them as needed.
  • Ensure your gas tank is always a quarter full to maximize your fuel pump lifespan. Driving your Mazda 6 with fuel in your tank below this level will stress the fuel pump excessively, causing failure earlier than expected.

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The Mazda 6 is an excellent mid-size sedan with responsive steering, adept handling, and 2 lively 4-cylinder engine options.

However, it has fuel pump problems that have even resulted in several recalls in recent years. You should get a qualified mechanic to check your car if you notice any symptoms of fuel pump issues.