Mercedes B5 Service [All Details Explained]

Is your Mercedes Benz display showing your vehicle is due for B5 service? Maybe you’re sure of what the B5 service means or how to go about it.

If that sounds like you, keep reading as this post covers all details about the Mercedes B5 service.

By the end of this article, you’ll know what the B5 service means, the cost of the service, and how to know when your car is due for B5 service. Let’s get started.

What is B5 Service in Mercedes?

Mercedes Dashboard

Service B5 is the fifth maintenance service offered to Mercedes Benz vehicles. This service is required after two years or when your car hits 20,000 miles.

So, you may not have to wait until it’s two years before you take your car to the dealership/ mechanic for B5 service.

That said, it’s perceived that after driving your car for two years or when it clocks 20,000 miles, some components may need servicing to ensure that your vehicle continues to function optimally. So, when you take your vehicle for B5 service, the technician inspects some major components and repairs/replaces any defective parts.

In the next section, we’ll look at the major components that are checked during the B5 service.

What is Included in a Mercedes B5 Service?

Here’s what you should expect when you take your Mercedes vehicle for a B5 service:

Checking of Fluid Levels

You already know the importance of various fluids in your car.

During the B5 service, fluids such as the power steering fluid, coolant, oil, and brake fluid are carefully checked to see if they are at appropriate levels.

Any fluid that requires topping will be topped to the required levels.

Some fluids may be flushed and replaced with new ones.

Replacement of Synthetic Motor Oil/Filter

The synthetic motor oil is replaced with a high-quality one. The oil filter also gets replaced with a new unit.

These components help ensure the smooth running of your Mercedes Benz.

Checking of the Tire Pressure

The pressure of every tire is carefully checked to ensure they are at appropriate levels. This ensures the tires don’t wear out too quickly or cause handling issues on the road.

Tires with inappropriate pressure also lead to premature wear on the tires, causing the threads to thin out quickly within a short period.

Inspection of the Entire Brake System

The entire brake system of your Mercedes Benz will be inspected for signs of damage. All necessary replacements or repairs will be done as part of the B5 service.

This may include replacing the entire braking system, especially if it is worn. But it may also be only the replacement of just brake rotors, brake pads, etc.

Brake Fluid Change

Changing your brake fluid helps ensure the seamless performance of your entire braking system.

This is part of the B5 service. The technician inspects your brake fluid, then replaces it if needed.

Replacement of the Cabin Filter

The cabin filter protects your vehicle from harmful contaminants like dirt, dust, pollen, and other particles that may cause harm to your Benz’s air conditioning system. As such, you need a working cabin filter to ensure this.

The technician (during the B5 service) also checks the cabinet filter and replaces it with a new unit if needed.

Resetting the Maintenance Counter

Every maintenance required during this Mercedes B5 Service is added to your vehicle history’s maintenance counter.

The maintenance counter will be reset as soon as the necessary work has been completed in your Mercedes Benz.

Cost of Mercedes B5 Service

The cost of carrying out a Mercedes B5 Service on your vehicle will vary, depending on who handles the service, the model of your vehicle, and your location.

Basically, if you’re taking your car to the dealership, you’d pay more. On the other hand, you may spend less if you opt for an independent mechanic.

For instance, you should expect to spend any amount ranging from $300 to $700 if you choose an independent mechanic.

And it may cost you roughly $500 to $1,000 to perform a Mercedes B5 Service at an authorized dealership. This may also be slightly higher, depending on the model of your Mercedes Benz and where you live.

However, regardless of the cost, you want to ensure you choose a qualified technician to carry out the B5 service on your vehicle.

How to Know When Your Mercedes is Due for B5 Service

The message will appear on your instrument cluster when your Mercedes is due for a B5 Service.

As mentioned earlier, B5 service is required after two years of constant usage or when you hit 20,000 miles. So, the message pops up on your dashboard when you exceed two years or after hitting 20,000 miles.

You can also check to see if you’re approaching the B5 service period. The procedure to do this will differ, depending on your vehicle’s model. Refer to your owner’s manual for guidelines.

How Long Should You Keep Driving After the Mercedes B5 Alert Pops Up?

Whenever you receive the Mercedes B5 Service message, take your car to the dealership or independent mechanic as soon as possible.

If you keep driving your vehicle after the B5 service message shows on your dashboard display, you may risk damaging some major components. And this may cost you more money if you finally take the car for the B5 service.

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Wrapping Up

The goal of the Mercedes B5 Service is to ensure your vehicle keeps running optimally for many more years. This is why knowing when your Mercedes Benz needs the B5 Service is highly crucial.

A Mercedes B5 Service can take 2 to 6 hours, depending on the model. Therefore, the more complex a Mercedes Benz model is, the longer it will take to perform the B5 Service extensively.

For instance, mechanics spend roughly 6 hours when running a B5 Service on a V-Class or S-Class Mercedes Benz. But it will only take these technicians approximately 4 hours to perform the same B5 Service on a C-Class Mercedes Benz.

Conducting a Mercedes B5 Service is crucial to maintaining your vehicle. Whenever the message pops up on your dashboard, ensure you locate the nearest independent technician or authorized Mercedes dealership to service your car.