Mercedes Service B0 [Cost and Other Details]

As you probably know, Mercedes has different categories of maintenance service to keep your car running smoothly.

The Mercedes Service B0 is one of the maintenance services required to keep your vehicle’s brake in good condition.

In this post, I’ll explain what the Mercedes Service B0 entails, cost and other details. Let’s get started.

What is Mercedes Service B0?

Mercedes Service B Alert

Service B0 is the routine maintenance that covers inspection of the brake pads and brake fluid flush yearly. Extras under this category include tire replacement and rotation.

Though Service B0 is performed once every year, you shouldn’t wait until it’s time for it before inspecting your brake pad and fluids.

For safety, inspect your brake pads and fluids regularly (depending on usage) to ensure they are in good working order.

That said, to carry out a Mercedes Service B0 maintenance, you need to schedule maintenance from a reputable, authorized dealership or independent auto repair technician.

What is Included in Mercedes Service B0?

Here’s what the Mercedes Service B0 covers:

Brake Pad Inspection

During the B0 service, your brake pads are inspected thoroughly to see that they’re still working properly. Your mechanic will replace the brake pads if they’re getting bad.

If it happens that the brake pads were already making some noise or causing the pedal to vibrate, they’ll be changed.

But as mentioned, you shouldn’t wait until it’s time for service B0 before checking your brake pads. If you notice any signs such as noise/vibration when you press the brake pedal, take your car to a mechanic for inspection and repairs—if needed.

Brake Fluid Flush

Brake fluid flushing is also part of the BO service. The mechanic inspects the brake fluid, flushes and replaces it with new brake fluids. This is done after every 12 months as per the B0 service.

Generally, changing or flushing the brake fluid of your Mercedes vehicle should be done every two years, irrespective of its mileage. However, this maintenance procedure depends on your driving style, road conditions, and Mercedes Benz model.

However, if you drive your Mercedes more often, consider checking the brake fluid more frequently. For instance, if there is excess moisture in your brake fluid, it could result in depreciation and corrosion.

Tire Replacement and Rotation

If your Mercedes vehicle is due for service B0, tire rotation/replacement is one of the services you should expect.

Rotating the tires of your Mercedes Benz is crucial as it helps ensure they last longer.

Apart from the B0 service, tire rotation is necessary when you hit every 5,000 miles. However, the tire rotation frequency will depend largely on your driving style, tire type, and the Mercedes model.

Cost of Mercedes Service B0

The cost of a Mercedes Benz Service B0 can be substantial. On average, you may need to pay $500 to $600 for proper Mercedes Service BO maintenance. In addition, labor costs come in anywhere from $220 to $280, while the costs of components/fluids, etc., range from $100 to $450.

Mercedes Service B0 is more in-depth than Service A as it generally involves replacements of components as you rake up more miles due to the wear and tear of the components over time.

However, the cost of this procedure varies from one Mercedes Benz model to another, and an independent auto repair shop or authorized dealership.

You may want to cut costs by carrying out the service B0 yourself. However, this is not advisable. To prevent the risk of causing additional damage to your vehicle, seek professional help when your car requires Service B0.

You should also be wary of the authorized dealership you deal with. You should only use the services of an independent technician or authorized dealership after ensuring they are authentic. Some independent auto repair shops have proven to be more affordable and trustworthy than dealerships.

How to Know When Your Mercedes is Due for Service B0?

After one year or when your car hits 10,000 miles, you will get a notification on your dashboard that it is time for Service B0.

Every maintenance service notification is displayed in the driver information center approximately 30 days before Service A or B. For example, Mercedes Service B0 is part of Service B. This is usually the first Mercedes Service B after your vehicle hits 20,000 miles from the previous Mercedes Service A.

But if you’re really curious to know precisely when your Mercedes Benz is due for Service B0, check the vehicle’s dashboard by navigating to the ‘Service’ setting. Then, click on the ‘Assyst Plus’ feature. Your vehicle will inform you how many miles are left until it is due for Service A, Service B, or Service B0.

Don’t forget that checking your brake pads should be done more regularly, depending especially on your day-to-day driving habits and the road conditions in your area or region.

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Wrapping Up

Mercedes Benz models (CLA 250, C250, GLK 350, etc.) are luxury vehicles that require in-depth care and maintenance from experts.

This is why the brand schedules Service A and Service B at different periods of a Mercedes Benz’s lifespan. The Mercedes Service B0 is a category in Service B that focuses only on tire rotation and replacement, an inspection of the brake pad, and brake fluid flush.

Ensure you take your Mercedes to trained technicians that provide individualized services when undertaking Mercedes Service B0.