Ram Rebel Air Suspension Problems [4 Common Issues]

The Ram Rebel has an air suspension designed to ride higher than regular Ram trucks.

As with many other trucks, your Ram Rebel may develop a suspension issue as you keep driving the vehicle.

Ram Rebel

In this post, we’ll look at some common problems with the Ram Rebel suspension and how to go about them.

Ram Rebel Air Suspension Problems

1. ‘Rebel Lean’ Problem

This suspension issue is rather obvious. If your Ram Rebel leans to the left or right, your air suspension may be the problem. This is one of the most typical issues associated with the trucks in this series.

When your truck leans to the left or right, there could be a leakage in the air compressor. It may also be that the ride height was not calibrated properly at all the wheels.

In most cases, the ride height calibration fixes this problem. Therefore, get an appropriate scan tool to connect with the Air Suspension Control Module (ASCM). Next, navigate to the ‘Read System Status,’ which presents suspension sensor readings.

Also check out the values for ‘Front Right Calibrated Height,’ ‘Front Left Calibrated Height,’ etc., for all the vehicle’s 4 wheels.

The presented values will inform you that the calibrated values differ from front to rear and left to right. You have just discovered the root of this suspension problem.

You can correct the suspension issue by going to the ‘Write Suspension Height Values’ procedure and hitting the ‘Start’ tab. The ‘Ride Height Adjustment’ up/down buttons will start blinking simultaneously. You will be required to enter the appropriate ride height value at each of the four wheels.

You should only enter the correct value as presented in the ‘Read System Status’ section and hit the ‘Start’ button.

The system will automatically set the calibration in motion and show the complete status when completed. Again, go over the ‘Calibrated Height’ right under the ‘Read System Status’ in order to verify the right and left side values are equal at both the front and rear wheels, respectively.

Remember that a leaking air professor can also cause your Ram Rebel to lean to the left or right. Get a soapy water solution and spray on all the air compressor air connectors. If there’s a leak, you may have to replace the connector.

However, there are a few cases in which a crack in the compressor air outlet is behind the rebel lean problem. If that is the case, replacing the compressor is the only option since it cannot be repaired.

2. Ride Height Self-Adjustment Failure

The Ram Rebel SUV has an efficient leveling system to maintain rear-ride height. But at times, the Ram Active-Level system fails to self-adjust. The standard position for a Ram Rebel vehicle is the NRH (Normal Ride Height).

The ATH (Alternate Trailer Height) lowers the vehicle’s suspension by one inch in order to assist in loading.

But when this system fails to function correctly, it doesn’t respond and stays only at a constant height. One of the reasons for this development is connected to the air spring.

The air spring may have been internally distorted or damaged inside the sleeve. This prevents it from inflating itself under pressure. Moreover, installing a lift kit can also damage the air suspension system. Most Ram Rebel owners who installed aftermarket lift kit solutions reported experiencing ride height adjustment failure.

In addition, the fourth generation of Ram Rebel trucks (2009 to 2018) have recorded more cases of ride height adjustment failure.

The only way to solve this suspension problem is by taking your Ram Rebel to a reputable auto mechanic for proper diagnosis and fixing.

3. Harsh Rear Suspension Ride Quality

You will notice a significant change in your Ram Rebel ride quality. Its rear suspension will feel like it is floating when driving on a standard road. At this point, the rear suspension of your truck no longer self-adjusts itself.

Moreover, the suspension gets hit when you go over bumps. In this situation, you should visually inspect whether the Ram Rebel sits low at the rear end. If it does, it implies that the air springs have low pressure.

When you experience a harsh ride at the rear, it may also be an indication that the axle is riding on the bump stops. The air spring may have lost air pressure and is now sagging.

You can also remove the air spring’s dust cover in order to have a crystal-clear view.

Next, get a solution of diluted soapy water and spray some around each corner of the air spring. Allow the sprayed, diluted, soapy water to soak for a short while.

Then check the air spring in order to identify white spots. If the frothing is persistent at one or more spots, you can be sure that the air spring has a hole. Leaking air springs can be replaced since it is impossible to repair the puncture.

In an ideal case, raising or lowering the suspension makes the compressor hum loud enough to be heard. But if you can’t hear the humming of the compressor, you may have to deal with a seized compressor or an electric issue.

To confirm if it is an electric problem, remove the 40-amp fuse in the fuse box dedicated to the air compressor. You will find this fuse box right under the hood and close to the firewall. Check the fuse to find out the state of the metal part within the fuse. You will need to replace the fuse if it is split in half or damaged.

But if the fuse is in excellent condition, it means the compressor is the culprit that must be dealt with immediately.

4. ‘Service Air Suspension’ Warning Indicator

Another sign that indicates a problem with your Ram Rebel Air suspension is when you try to adjust the ride height but a warning message lights up. The system no longer allows height adjustment.

Check the seating positions of fuses 05, 50, and 87 related to the air suspension. If they are correctly seated, don’t touch them. But if they aren’t, remove each one and reseat them correctly.

It is also possible for each of these fuses to be seated approximately 1/16 inch outwards directly from the factory. If this is the case, push the fuses in, one after the other.

Can You Drive a Ram Rebel with a Bad Air Suspension?

Driving with a broken or damaged air suspension is not recommended. It is just like driving with completely worn-out springs, struts, or shocks.

Driving your Ram Rebel in such a condition can cause noise and sagging and affect alignment angles.

Although you can still drive, the ride will be pretty rough, and you will experience difficulty controlling your SUV in an emergency.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Ram Rebel Air Suspension?

According to RepairPal, the average cost of replacing a Ram Rebel active air suspension ranges from $1,397 to $1,430. In addition, the costs of labor range from $123 to $155, while components are priced at $1,274.

These price ranges don’t include fees and taxes as well as the particular model year or unique location.

Bear in mind that related repairs may also be required. Moreover, the price range is based on the age and number of the Ram Rebel on the road.

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The Ram Rebel is one of the SUVs equipped with air suspension. But the air suspension may go bad sometimes.

We have covered some early signs that indicate a suspension issue in your Ram Rebel. If you notice any of these, get a professional to check your car immediately.