What Battery Does Reolink Camera Use?

Have you got a Reolink Camera and you are wondering what battery it uses? Read to find out.

Depending on type, Reolink cameras use two different kinds of batteries; the non-rechargeable ones and the rechargeable ones. Whereas Reolink Go, Argus Pro and Argus 2 use 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries, Reolink Argus and Keen use CR123A batteries.

How Long Do Reolink Batteries Last?

Reolink Go batteries last for about 7-700 hours depending on certain factors such as usage and working environments. The cameras can work under various conditions such as standby mode, live view, playback mode and night mode. These different modes consume the battery differently.

When the PIR Sensor of the camera detects no motion, the camera switches to standby mode to save the battery. In this mode, if your camera runs on a fully-charged battery, it can last for about 30 days.

If the camera is fully charged while placed on live view, it can last about 10 hours in day mode. However, if the camera is on night mode, with its IR lights on, it should last for about 7 hours.

Another mode that the camera can work on is the continuous playback mode. On this mode, the battery should last about 20 hours in day mode or 10 hours in night mode.

However, if the camera works on normal use and one-time full charge, it should last for about 7-30 days. Mind you, Reolink Go is powered by 3 pieces of 18650 batteries of 2600mAh which amounts to 7800mAh.

Reolink Argus 2 and Argus Pro Batteries

For Argus 2/Argus pro, the battery should last for about 2 months on standby mode if it is fully-charged. While their batteries can also work for 7-30 days in normal use, they should last 9-15 hours in live view. The battery conditions of Argus 2 and Argus pro are similar to that of Argus Eco and Argus 3.

Reolink Argus PT’s batteries also have similar life expectancy like the Argus pro. Nevertheless, Argus PT will last about 18 hours in day mode and 11 hours at night mode on live view.

It is important to know the type of Reolink camera you have to enable you identify its expected battery life. Mind you, since most Reolink Cameras work with replaceable batteries, you cannot rely on a single set of batteries. As such, you need to know the recommended batteries for Reolink cameras.

Recommended Batteries for Reolink Camera

Most Reolink cameras work with 2 pieces of non-rechargeable batteries except the Reolink Go which works with 3 pieces batteries. The CR123A used by Reolink Argus and Reolink Keen has both the rechargeable and non-rechargeable type. Thus, Reolink cameras work with a CR123A battery as well as 18650 batteries used by the other camera type.

The CR123A batteries are manufactured by brands such as Duracell, Panasonic, GP, Surefire and others. Mind you, the non-rechargeable batteries are mostly 3 volts while the rechargeable ones are usually within 3.6-4.2 voltage. If you are then thinking of getting replacement batteries for your Reolink Camera, you should consider these specifications.

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How To Charge Reolink Battery

You can charge the battery of Reolink cameras using a USB charger. The good thing is most Reolink cameras, such as the Argus 2 and Argus Pro, have a removable battery. As a result, you can charge them in two different ways:

  • Detach the battery from the camera and open the charging port to locate the USB port. Once you have located the port, plug a USB adapter into a power socket and connect it to the battery.
  • Without detaching the battery from the camera, locate and open the cover of the USB port. Once you have located the port, plug a USB adapter into a power socket and connect it to the battery. This allows you to use the camera while the battery is being charged.

A Reolink Device

You should observe an LED status under the USB port of the battery. The green LED indicates a full charge while the orange LED indicates an active charge. On average, depending on power source and charger, Reolink batteries take about 4 hours to charge fully.

Reolink Argus Eco Battery

It is important to note that some Reolink cameras such as the Argus Eco work with an irreplaceable rechargeable battery. As a result, you can only charge the battery by connecting a USB charger unto the camera’s charging port.

Mind you, due to the nature of Argus Eco’s battery, you may not be able to replace it. In situations where you need to replace the battery, you can request Reolink’s support service.

In conclusion, Reolink cameras use batteries. As a result, you can only enjoy the camera when you know about their batteries and how they work.