How Do I Get the Battery Out of My Ring Doorbell?

Do you find it difficult to remove the battery out of your ring Doorbell? Read to find out even why you need to get a replacement battery for your doorbell.

To remove the battery of your ring doorbell, all you need is a suitable screwdriver. Mind you, you should always try to open the doorbell with the screwdriver that comes with it. Otherwise, you may need a suitable star-faced screwdriver.

Before you remove the battery from your Ring doorbell, have you thought of why you need to remove the battery? Find out why below.

Why Should I Remove the Battery of My Doorbell?

You should remove the battery of your doorbell whenever the need arises. For some ring doorbell, you may not need to remove their batteries because they are not removable. For a doorbell that comes with a removable battery, you will have to remove the battery for the following reasons.

Ring Doorbell Battery

  1. Once the battery gets low, you will have to remove the battery to charge it.
  2. Once the battery gets damaged, you will have to remove it so as to replace it.

In most cases, the battery of your ring doorbell should last for 6-12 months. Nonetheless, the need for you to remove it will still arise. This is why you should know how to remove the battery from the doorbell.

Follow the following steps to remove the battery from your ring doorbell.

  1. Unscrew the bolt at the bottom of the faceplate using the provided screwdriver. Place the screwdriver on the bolt and turn it counterclockwise until the screw is removed. Afterwards, you have to keep the screw safe to ensure it is not missing.
  2. Remove the faceplate from the doorbell. To remove it, you have to use your thumbs to push up the faceplate from the bottom of the doorbell. Be careful while lifting the faceplate off the doorbell to avoid it hitting the ground.
  3. Remove the battery from the doorbell. Do you observe a tab on the battery as you removed the faceplate? Cool. All you have to do is press the tab while you pull the battery out towards the bottom.

Now that the battery is out, the next thing you will want to do is charge or replace the battery.

How To Charge the Battery of Your Doorbell

To charge the battery, you have to locate the USB charging port at the top of the battery case. Mind you, a USB cable usually comes with a Ring doorbell. Otherwise, you have to get a suitable charger and plug it to a power socket.

While you are charging the battery, you will observe a charge indicator. When the indicator turns green or blue, depending on the type your Ring doorbell use, the battery is fully charged.

Once you have fully charged the battery, insert it to the doorbell through the port where you removed it. Slot the battery in through the bottom until you hear a click which indicates a firm insertion. Afterwards, switch the doorbell on to ensure that you have connected the battery well.

Most likely, it takes about 5-10 hours for your Ring doorbell battery to be fully charged. It is unarguable that your doorbell will be inactive while its battery is being charged. Therefore, you may need to get a replacement battery for your doorbell.

A replacement battery will help prolong the life span of your battery. Also, it will help ensure that your doorbell stays active while you charge the other battery that is low.

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Recommended Batteries for Your Ring Doorbell

You will need a replacement battery for your doorbell to make it stay active while charging its battery. However, you need to know the recommended batteries for a Ring doorbell so that you can get a suitable one.

A Ring doorbell usually comes with a lithium-ion battery of 3.65 volt. As a result, you should endeavor you look out for a battery of similar specifications.

A Ring doorbell is one of the most popular smart devices people use in smart homes and offices. Inasmuch as you manage your Ring doorbell well, especially the battery, you will enjoy its use in your home.