When Simplisafe Batteries Die, What Happens?

Have you got a Simplisafe device whose battery is dead and you do not know what to do? Read to find out what happens when Simplisafe batteries die and what you can do in such a situation.

Simplisafe is designed to work with an active power source. To ensure the device remains active when there is power loss, the Base Station works with batteries that can last for 24 hours. While the batteries power the device when there is power loss, it will go off when the batteries become low.

What Do I Do When the Batteries Run Out?

Simplisafe device has about 8-9 different components. All of these components, except the base station, are powered by replaceable batteries that come with them. Unlike the other components, the base station comes with 4 rechargeable batteries that can last up to 24 hours.

When the batteries in your Simplisafe device run out, all you have to do is replace them. If your area is prone to power loss, you may experience the need to replace the Base Station’s batteries too. However, to ensure that your device does not stay inactive for long, you may consider getting replacement batteries.

Before you think of replacing batteries of your Simplisafe device, it is important you know how to charge the batteries. Find detailed instructions on how to charge the batteries of your Simplisafe device below.

How To Charge Your Simplisafe Batteries

You simply charge Simplisafe base station by plugging its power cord into an active power socket. Unlike the other components which does not require a rechargeable battery, the base station works with a rechargeable battery. Other components such as the entry sensor, motion sensor, keypad and others work with replaceable batteries.

The base station, which connects with all the other components, works with 4 NiMH rechargeable batteries. It receives signal from other sensors when they detect danger and notifies you by sounding the siren. Thus, it is a very important component of the Simplisafe device.

Simplisafe Base Station

For the base station to work, it should be plugged to an active power socket which automatically charges the batteries. Mind you, Simplisafe device has rechargeable features that helps to recharge the batteries. However, this only helps when the device does not rely on the battery for power for more than 24 hours.

Unfortunately, you do not recharge the batteries of the other components when they are dead; you simply replace them. When a Simplisafe device needs its batteries replaced, you will receive an error message displayed on the keypad. As a result, it is equally important for you to know how long Simplisafe batteries last.

How Long Do the Batteries Last?

The batteries of Simplisafe devices can last between 8 months to 10 years, depending on which component they work for. Below is a table that shows the battery life expectancy of Simplisafe devices as provided by simplisafe.com. Moreover, the table also provides information on the recommended batteries for a Simplisafe device.

ComponentBattery UsedLife Span
Base Station4 NiMH rechargeable AA 1.2VN/A
Entry Sensor1 CR-2032 Lithium 3VUp to 10 years
Motion Sensor1 CR-123A Lithium 3V3-5 years
Glassbreak Sensor1 CR-123A Lithium 3V3-5 years
Keypad4 AA Alkaline8-12 months
Auxiliary Siren4 AA Alkaline8-12 months
Key Fob1 CR-2032 Lithium 3V3-5 years
Panic button1 CR-2032 Lithium 3V3-5 years
Temperature/Freeze Sensor1 CR-2032 Lithium 3V3-5 years
Water Sensor1 CR-2032 Lithium 3V3-5 years
Carbon Monoxide Detector3 Energizer AA Ultimate Lithium 1.5V3-5 years
DoorLock4 AA Alkaline8-12 months

Mind you, this life expectancy may vary depending on the usage situation of your device.

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How To Replace the Batteries in a Simplisafe Device.

To replace the batteries in your Simplisafe Device, you only have to remove the battery cover and change the battery. Mind you, you need to use only rechargeable batteries for the Base Station as non-rechargeable ones may damage the device.

Also, certain batteries such as the Gen 3 Simplisafe Keyfob battery cannot be replaced. To change the batteries of the Keyfob and the Carbon Monoxide Detector, simply contact Simplisafe’s customer support. You can as well contact Simplisafe support if you encounter difficulty in finding replacement batteries for the Base Station.

Below is a guide on how to change the battery of each component of the Simplisafe Device.

  • For the Entry Sensor, Motion Sensor and the Glassbreak Sensor, simply slide the button off its mounting sensor. You will find the old batteries and you can easily replace them with new ones. The batteries of the Keypad, Panic Button and the Freeze Sensor can be replaced in the same way.
  • For the Smoke Detector, rotate it counterclockwise to detach it from the mounting bracket. Lift the battery cover to expose the battery and then replace it.
  • The Extra Siren and the Water Sensor are quite different. You have to remove the four screws that hold the cover after you have detached them from their mounting bracket.

Simplisafe is one of the security devices that provide optimum security for your home. As long as you manage the device well, especially the batteries, you will enjoy using the device.