Toyota Highlander Eco Mode Explained

Eco Mode is one of the drive modes in the Toyota Highlander. If you’ve just come across the Eco Mode button on your Toyota Highlander and are wondering how it works, keep reading.

In this post, we’ll explain what the Eco Mode is, how it works and when to use it. Let’s dive in.

What is Eco Mode on Toyota Highlander?

Toyota Highlander Eco Mode

The Eco Mode (Economy Mode) on the Toyota Highlander is the standard, environmentally friendly driving mode on every trim level.

Switching your Toyota Highlander to this mode helps you boost fuel efficiency while curbing aggressive driving habits.

When the Toyota Highlander is in Eco Mode, its engine power significantly reduces. The vehicle’s transmission and engine operating parameters are readily adjusted. This means the vehicle’s engine no longer works as hard as it used to when the Eco Mode is off.

Moreover, driving your Toyota Highlander in Eco Mode alters the vehicle’s throttle response to prevent sudden acceleration. It also regulates the heated seats, the climate control system and other vital instruments.

All these modifications contribute significantly to better fuel efficiency. This can only happen when the engine is no longer under pressure to deliver at full capacity while the Toyota Highlander is in motion.

You will also be restricted from aggressive driving, which minimizes the chances of road mishaps. The overall benefit of all this is that you get to extend the lifespan of your sports utility vehicle and also reduce maintenance costs.

How to Turn On Eco Mode in Toyota Highlander

You can activate the Eco Mode in your Toyota Highlander by locating the driving mode toggle switch. This toggle switch is on the center console, right below the gear shifter. The infotainment screen embedded in the cluster will display your current driving mode.

Use this toggle switch to select the driving mode you want, which, in this case, is Eco Mode. The infotainment screen makes it easier to note when you switch from your current driving mode to Eco Mode.

How to Turn Off Eco Mode in Toyota Highlander

You can deactivate your Toyota Highlander’s Eco Mode by using the driving mode toggle switch on the center console. Switch from Eco Mode to either Sport or Normal Mode. This deactivates the Eco Mode in your Toyota Highlander.

How Eco Mode Works and When to Use it in Your Toyota Highlander

Eco Mode works by efficiently restricting transmission and engine performance to give vehicle users a better fuel economy.

When you press the gas pedal, your Toyota Highlander won’t harness all its power so that you can travel as fast as possible. Instead, the vehicle will respond according to the Eco Mode restrictions installed by Toyota, the manufacturer.

Driving your Toyota Highlander in Eco Mode is much more effective in the city than on the highway and on other busy roads. This is because this mode primarily affects acceleration.

You may turn on Eco Mode any time. But the truth is this will have less impact on fuel economy when driving your Toyota Highlander down the highway.

Most fuel savings with Toyota Highlander in Eco Mode only benefit city driving.

However, you need to be careful when activating Eco Mode in your Toyota Highlander. For instance, if you need power in a particular driving situation, you won’t need your vehicle in Eco mode. You should also never use Eco Mode when driving your Toyota Highlander up a hill or accelerating on the highway in order to pass other road users.

In these situations, it is much better to drive your Toyota Highlander in Sport or Normal mode if you require optimal performance in terms of speed.

Therefore, the best time to drive your Toyota Highlander in Eco Mode is when you are very comfortable with your SUV having or delivering less power.

How Useful is the Toyota Highlander Eco Mode?

So, is the Toyota Highlander Eco Mode actually useful? Yes, it is, as the Eco mode helps to save fuel while running errands around the city, driving through streets in town with low-speed limits, or sitting in stop-and-go traffic.

In other words, the Eco Mode in your Toyota Highlander significantly minimizes power demands on its engine and boosts fuel efficiency.

However, everything depends on your priorities. If optimizing fuel efficiency is one of your primary goals, then Eco Mode in your Toyota Highlander is useful. But you should be ready to sacrifice the optimal performance of your sports utility vehicle.

This is due to less throttle response and reduced engine power. Accelerating quickly on the highway will be harder, as speed no longer becomes a priority.

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Wrapping Up

The Toyota Highlander is equipped with multiple driving modes; designed to personalize your driving experience. This includes Sport, Normal, and Eco Modes. The Eco Mode in this sports utility vehicle helps in maximizing your fuel economy, minimizes maintenance costs, and restricts aggressive driving.

In other words, the Eco driving mode fully optimizes fuel consumption in your Toyota Highlander.