Why Is My Google Pixel XL Battery Draining So Fast?

The Google Pixel XL is one of the popular Android smartphones on the market, thanks to its class-leading camera tech.

But how long does the Google Pixel XL battery last?

In this article, we’ll be looking at how long the Google Pixel battery lasts and why it may drain quickly.

Why Is Your Google Pixel XL Battery Draining Fast?

Here are reasons why your Google Pixel XL battery may drain fast:

1. Screen Brightness

Increasing the brightness of your screen has its benefits. You’ll be able to see things from a clearer perspective, and you could use it during the day.

However, it will shorten your battery life if you continue to use this brightness feature frequently.

2. Minor Bugs from the Operating System (OS)

Sometimes the OS might not be working properly. This might cause your battery to overheat as your phone tries to compensate for the glitch.

3. Power-Hungry Apps

There are some apps on your device that are consuming lots of power.

These apps may be games with high definition graphics, and may require an internet connection.

If you don’t control this issue, you will find your battery levels depleting every time.

4. Network Connections, GPS, and Location

Using your internet and Bluetooth connection, GPS, and Location services for extended periods can reduce the longevity of your battery life.

When possible, connect to a Wi-Fi network to save battery and switch off GPS and Location features when not in use.

Why Is My Google Pixel XL Battery Draining So Fast

How Long Does a Google Pixel XL Battery Last?

On average, a Google Pixel XL battery can last up to 13 hours.

Depending on how you use it, your Pixel smartphone battery is supposed to last you for 2-3years.

Google Pixel Phones with the Best Battery Life

Based on our research, here are Google Pixel smartphones with the best battery life:

  1. Google Pixel 5 (4000mAh)
  2. Google Pixel 4 XL (3,700mAh)
  3. Google Pixel 3 XL (3,430mAh)
  4. Google Pixel 4a 5G (3,885mAh)

When Should I Replace My Google Pixel Battery?

When you notice a change in your battery’s performance, you may need to change it.

However, there are some other factors you should look out for (we would look at this in another section).

That said, the Pixel XL smartphone uses a lithium battery that has its limitations and its benefits.

After 500 charging cycles, your battery’s performance would drop by 20 percent.

It will eventually become unusable after 2,500 cycles. This would happen within 2-3 years and you may need to replace your battery before that time.

How Can I Tell Which App Is Draining My Battery?

Extending your battery’s runtime is very important. Some apps will always drain your battery, and you need to optimize your phone settings to get more juice.

To do this, simply go to Settings > Battery > and click on the battery icon. In this section, you’ll see how your battery is being used.

If you notice a random app consuming more power than expected, disable it. Simply click on that app and “Force stop” or uninstall it.

How Can I Tell If My Google Pixel XL Phone Needs A New Battery?

Looking for your charger frequently after a single full charge may be a sign that your battery should be replaced. Aside from this, here are other signs you should consider:

1. Poor Battery Performance

Nothing lasts forever, and this applies to batteries as well. After a while, your battery won’t be able to last long as it used to.

If you realize that your battery’s runtime has reduced drastically, change your battery. This may happen due to age, overcharging, or other factors.

2. Unexpected Glitches

Many users have experienced this, and it’s quite normal. However, it becomes a problem when you experience it frequently.

Having your device shutting down (when you need it the most) can be disappointing. You should change your battery to avoid this issue.

3. Slow Charge

At first, you might think your charger is not fast enough. But the truth is this: your battery can no longer store energy like before.

4. Swollen Battery

If you notice your battery is bulging, it’s a sign of damage. This would lead to overheating and other complicated issues if you don’t replace your battery.

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How Do I Improve My Google Pixel XL Battery Life?

Here are tips for improving the battery life of your Google Pixel XL battery:

1. Use the Power-Saving Mode

For power users, this feature would extend your battery life for a long time. This option helps shut down unneeded apps that consume power.

Aside from apps, it limits data usage and also stops the phone from vibrating. Your phone may run slower, but your battery would last longer.

To do this simply swipe down the top of your screen and click on the battery saver icon.

You could also go to the settings app, tap “Battery”, click on “Battery Saver” and set up your desired schedule.

2. Check Data Connections

Using your network data would always take a toll on your battery. You should use a Wi-Fi connection when possible.

Wi-Fi connects your phone to the internet with a router. Hence, you’re depending on an external source for your connection.

Cellular data uses a lot of battery power. The more it tries to find a stable connection, the more it drains your battery. You should turn it off when you’re not using it.

3. Use Dark Mode

Instead of using default setting (light mode), using dark mode is more preferable.

Dark mode reduces the light emitted by your screen while making it readable.

Aside from reducing eye strain, it would help your battery to last longer. On your Pixel smartphone, you can darken your screen and also its apps.

Simply go to the settings app, tap on “Display”, select “Night Light” and choose your schedule.

4. Reduce Screen Brightness

It’s true, your smartphone would look great when you increase its brightness. However, those high resolutions will consume your battery.

Your phone doesn’t have to operate at peak performance. Being moderate is important when you want to prolong your battery’s life.

Just go to your display settings and reduce your brightness settings. Your eyes and battery would last for a long time.

5. Monitor App Activities

You don’t need every app on your smartphone. Some of these apps are operating while you sleep and consuming your battery and data as well.

Uninstall or force stop those apps you’re not using. You should also monitor ad-supported apps. Make sure they’re not running in the background.

Why Does My Google Pixel XL Phone Drain Even When Not in Use?

You just found out that your phone’s battery is depleting. What makes this case unique is that you’re not using it.

You’re having this issue because there are some apps running behind the scenes. These apps (and their notifications) would drain your battery with no effort on your part.

Also, other features like your GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi can drain your battery If you don’t turn them off.

You should restrict these background-running apps and their notifications as well.

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How To Check The Health Of Your Google Pixel XL Battery

To check the health status of your battery, simply dial “*#*#4636#*#*” on your phone.

This gives you access to a secret menu that shows all the activities carried out by your phone.

The battery usage feature on your smartphone will show how your battery is being used. However, it’s not enough.

Aside from using the code above, you could also use the AccuBattery app (you can get this from the Google play store).

Also check our article about how long Huawei phone batteries last.

Google Pixel Battery Charging Tips

Here are tips for charging your Google Pixel XL battery:

  1. Disable the “Always-on” Display
  2. Use regular wallpapers
  3. Don’t use your phone while charging
  4. Only use chargers that are compatible with your smartphone.

Final Words

The Google Pixel XL has a formidable battery life. But you need to know how to use it to get the best battery life.

We hope this article has answered your battery-related questions related to the Pixel XL. Thanks for reading.